How to get Polaris Lance in Destiny 2


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Polaris Lance is a Destiny 2 Exotic Scout Rifle that holds a special place in my heart. It was my go-to weapon for a special mission called “The Whisper” — the one that, back before the Destiny Content Vault — awarded you with Whisper of the Worm. The “Perfect Fifth” perk is the main draw here, as it gifts you a Solar explosive round after hitting four precision shots in a row. If you want to know how to get Polaris Lance in Destiny 2, here’s your handy little guide.

How to get Polaris Lance in Destiny 2

Purchase your Polaris Lance right this instant

You know earlier how I mentioned “The Whisper,” and how it was essentially torn out of the game thanks to the Destiny Content Vault? The same goes for the Quest tied to Polaris Lance. Way back when, you’d get the gun through that Quest. Now that the location the Quest started on is gone (Mars), you have to obtain Polaris Lance through other means.

Fortunately, those means are pretty easy.

Monument to Lost Lights

Travel to the Tower, and make your way over to the Monument to Lost Lights, which is located in between a few of the Vault terminals. Make sure you have the following currencies and materials on your person:

If you have those, the process for how to get Polaris Lance in Destiny 2 is a cakewalk. Open the Monument to Lost Lights, head for the section called “Red War Exotics,” and peep the weapon sitting in the sixth slot from the left. That is your gun. That’s the one you’re after.

Polaris Lance is yours

Just like that, you now have a Polaris Lance of your very own. This weapon really excels in spots where one or more boss-type enemies primarily stay put, and you can shoot at them from a distance. If you have three or more Guardians all running Polaris at once, you can all be hitting crit shots, getting your explosive Solar rounds to deal extra damage. You’ll whittle away the health of that boss in no time.

I really enjoy using this gun, and I think you will too. Take it out into the field, put some time in with it, and see where you think it might fit in your toolkit. I’m certain you’ll find a use for it.

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