How to get Python in Destiny 2


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I’m not a fan of snakes. I find them creepy and believe they are accidents of nature that were never intended to exist. However, I’m not beyond holding one if we’re talking about the name of a Shotgun. You probably feel the same way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, looking for the guide on how to get Python in Destiny 2.

How to get Python in Destiny 2

If you’re trying to track down this weapon, it is your lucky day. This article will describe where Python exists in the present day (early 2022) and how you can secure it for your collection. Be warned, though: you may be slightly disappointed by some of the news you learn here. For that, you can thank Bungie.

Let’s dive in.

Python used to be a Gambit ritual weapon

How to get Python in Destiny 2 Gambit

Gambit, the Drifter and snake imagery go hand in hand. It likely won’t surprise you, then, to learn that Python is a weapon that you once earned playing a whole lot of Gambit.

Of course, things change with the passage of time. Gambit rolled out newer weapons to change. Sunsetting came along in Destiny 2 and depreciated a handful of ritual and pinnacle weapons. The result? Python’s Power Level cannot be increased. It is stuck where it’s at and, as such, is not really viable in end-game activities.

There is still a method for how to get Python in Destiny 2, though — even with it completely out of the Gambit rewards circuit. Here’s how to do it.

Python can be purchased in the Tower

Monument to Lost Lights

In Destiny 2, the Monument to Lost Lights enables players to catch up if they missed past seasons or other content drops. The kiosk contains Legendary and Exotic weapons that were once earned in content that no longer exists in the game. This place is where you get Python, but you will need some materials first. They are:

Once you’ve got all that ready, open the Monument and head to the section called “Legacy Gear.” After that, look for Python in the “Gambit Weapons” section. It occupies the very last spot. Then make your purchase. Boom, just like that you’ve got Python.

And that’s how to get Python in Destiny 2

To be perfectly frank, Python really isn’t much to write home about. The weapon wasn’t super special when it dropped for the first time. Now, as a weapon locked in permanent sunsetting, it’s really not something you should rock as a daily driver.

With that said, it can be fun to whip this Shotgun out in non-Power-enabled PvP, just to give others a look at it. And of course, if you’re trying to round out your Destiny 2 collections, that’s a good reason to seek this puppy out, as well.

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