How to get Rat King in Destiny 2


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The Rat King may be one of the neatest weapons Destiny 2 has to offer. It’s a fully automatic Exotic Sidearm that grants you invisibility if you reload after a kill, and the weapon’s power gains strength if allies are also wielding it nearby. You could have a whole “Rat King Crew” causing trouble in the Crucible if you so choose. But first you need the gun. If you’re wondering how to get Rat King in Destiny 2, here’s what you’ve gotta do.

How to get Rat King in Destiny 2

Rat King can be bought (for the right price)

The original Rat King Quest was actually really cool. There was a whole set of riddles you had to solve tied to activities you needed to complete. It felt like a treasure hunt of sorts. Sadly, that bit of fun got stuck in the closet once the Destiny Content Vault came around. It brought about the removal of many Quests, including the one for Rat King. But there is a way to get the weapon now, even though that Quest is gone.

Monument to Lost Lights

To get yourself a Rat King in the present day, you’ll need to visit the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower, and have certain currencies with you. Those are:

With all of those prepped and ready, open the Monument to Lost Lights and choose “Red War Exotics.” Once you’re on the screen showing all of those, Rat King is third in line, sporting one of the most interesting (and perhaps creepy) weapon designs in the game.

Just like that, you should now know how to get Rat King in Destiny 2. Be sure to team up with some friends who are also running the weapon — then you’ll really see what kind of trouble you can get into.

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