How to get Ticuu’s Divination in Destiny 2


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Chances are, you’ve been hearing quite a bit about Ticuu’s Divination lately. The Exotic bow — once a seasonal weapon available in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Chosen — is now getting its due as a pretty sturdy Raid weapon. Those who’ve been taking it into the updated Vault of Glass are now singing its praises. But how do you get one of your own if you weren’t around for Season of the Chosen? Today, we’re going to tell you how to get Ticuu’s Divination in Destiny 2.

How to get Ticuu's Divination in Destiny 2

To start, you’re going to need some currency

Because Ticuu’s Divination is no longer available as a seasonal weapon, you have to purchase it from the Monument to Lost Lights. And to do that, you’re going to need certain kinds of currency.

Once you have all of that, you should be ready to rock and roll.

Visit the Monument to Lost Lights

You’ll find the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower, situated in between a few of the Vault terminals. Once you open it, navigate to the section for Beyond Light Exotics. At the moment, there are two in that space: Duality and Ticuu’s Diviniation.

If you have all of the above currencies collected and, most importantly, you have enough of each, you should be able to purchase Ticuu’s Divination right then and there.

And that’s it! From what we’re hearing on the street, Ticuu’s is pretty boss at add clearing in Vault of Glass Redux. There are some encounters — particularly the Templar fight — where that capability will definitely come in handy.

Oh, and by the way — Ticuu’s Divination does have an Exotic Catalyst you can pick up from the Gunsmith after purchasing it. Once you fulfill the requirements on that, you’ll find this Exotic bow becomes even more deadly.

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