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We live in an increasingly visual world, where HD, 3D and VR are pushing the limits of how we understand what it means to be a consumer of media. It seems everyone with something to show you wants to do it in the most impressive yet user friend and convenient way, and it’s this this innovation which is making our lives as viewers easier and more enjoyable.

How to see fullscreen bet365

Why, oh why, oh why, then, does bet365 still let us down when it comes to the streaming of sports through their sportsbook site? Anyone who has used the site to view an important fixture will know that the player you’re able to stream sports on at bet365 is effectively just a tiny box in the corner of the screen, and that it’s not possible (at least on the face of it) to see full screen bet365 streamed sports.

So, in this modern world where consumers quite reasonably want to watch full screen bet365 streams on their Android and Apple devices, why is it that bet365 doesn’t have full screen functionality built into its player, and is there anything you can do to remedy the situation?

The Reason Why bet365 Full Screen Streams Aren’t a Thing

The answer to the question of why bet365 has stuck with such a rubbish little mini player in the corner of the screen for so many years is actually a reasonably simple one to answer, and it comes down to the function of bet365 as a whole, and its reason for streaming live sporting events.

The thing is, bet365 is a sportsbook gambling site, and isn’t (and has never been) a sports broadcasting network. This means two things: firstly, it means that the mini player it features on its site is designed simply to give you enough information to be able to place bets and track the outcome of sporting events, not offer a cinematic sports experience. Secondly, bet365 holds one of the cheapest licenses for sports broadcasting, which comes with many restrictions, this means that the company couldn’t even make the player better if they wanted to!

So why can’t you see bet365 stream in full screen? Quite simply because their hands are tied!

The issue is, however, that for fans who want to watch a sporting event without forking out exorbitant fees for pay-per-view sports channels or using dodgy illegal streams, bet365’s streaming player is often one of the only options. So the question remains, is there a way to make the player full screen? We’ve done our research, and have a couple of suggestions for you…

How to See Full Screen bet365 Sports Streams

Downloading a Plugin to Get Full Screen bet365 Streams
If you’re using a laptop or a desktop to watch your live bet365 streams, then there are some clever developers out there who have you back when it comes to viewing what you want in glorious full screen! A number of browsers – including Chrome and Firefox – have had purpose built plugins or add-ons which effectively hack the mini player on the bet365 site, and create the capability for you to make it full screen.

How to Use the a Plugin to Get Full Screen bet365 Streaming

It’s simple really, all you need to do is track down the correct plugin for the browser you’re using – and consider switching to a browser which has a custom made plugin or add-on if the one you’re using does not. It’s simply a case of downloading the plugin and making sure it’s activated in your browser. You then need to head to the bet365 streaming site, and choose the game you want to watch; if the plugin has been installed correctly, you should see a full screen option appear at the bottom of the screen.

Pros of Using Plugins or Add-ons to See Full Screen bet365 Streams

The benefits of using this method to get full screen bet365 streams in Safari, Chrome or Firefox is mostly that once the software is installed in your browser, the process of making the stream full screen is quick and simple. Not only does the mini player become full screen, if the plugin is working correctly, it should adjust the resolution of the image quality to ensure it still looks great in full screen.

Cons of Using Plugins or Add-ons to See Full Screen bet365 Streams

Other than the fact it’s a bit of a pain in the neck to download a whole bunch of software to you browser in order to get your sports full screen, this fix doesn’t help get full screen bet365 sports on Android, iPhone or iPad devices. These plugins are designed specifically for laptop and desktop devices, meaning that mobile players are still at square one when it comes to the problem.

Zooming to See Full Screen bet365 Streaming

The last port of call for the desperate among us who don’t have the time, energy or ability to make use of these other options is to simply zoom into the action in the bet365 streaming mini player, to make it the full size of the screen. That’s right; sometimes the most low-tech solutions are the simplest, and while it might not necessarily make for the best results, in a pinch, this is an option that will be available to most players.

How to Use the Zoom Technique to Get Full Screen bet365 Streaming

The way you implement this method will depend on the kind of device you’re using to stream your bet365 games. If you’re using an iPhone, Android smartphone or any kind of tablet device, full screen bet365 can be achieved through zooming using two fingers starting with them together, and moving the apart across the screen. This is just how zooming works on touch screen devices, so you should be able to do it no problem.

If you’re playing on a laptop of desktop, you’re going to have to have a different approach. Whether you’re trying to get streaming full screen bet365 on Mac or PC, first you need to ensure that your computer settings will allow you to zoom. Then you simply need to go to the page featuring the mini player, hold down Command or Control (depending on the brand), and simply scroll in using a mouse or touchpad.

Pros of Using Zoom to See Full Screen bet365 Streams

The main perk of this method is that you can use it on pretty much any device you’re able to stream on. Whether on a mobile device or a computer, there should be some function or another which will allow you to zoom in on a segment of the screen. Moreover, this solution is super-fast, and doesn’t require you to make any downloads.

Cons of Using Zoom to See Full Screen bet365 Streams

There is one big glaring problem with the zoom option, and that’s the compromise you have to make with the image quality of the screen. Whether you’re streaming bet365 full screen on Android, iPhone, Mac or PC, if you simply zoom into the mini player, there’s no allowances made to increase the resolution of the image. This means that in most cases, if you simply zoom, you’re going to get a lower resolution, blurrier image than if you use some other method.

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