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While playing Z1 Battle Royale (previously known as H1Z1 or King of the Hill), you might have come across an item that allows you to call in airstrikes. Rare items are great for gaining the advantage you need to win a game. But how do you use it?

How to Use an Airstrike in H1Z1 on PS4

In this guide, we’ll explain how to use an airstrike on the PS4 version of Z1 Battle Royale.

Using an Airstrike

In order to use your airstrike, you need to have it set as your grenade. To bring up the grenade wheel, hold your D-Pad in order to bring up your Grenade Menu. You can then select the airstrike grenade from that menu and equip it. Alternatively, press your D-Pad to scroll through your available grenades until you find the one you need.

Once your airstrike grenade is equipped, simply use your R1 button to aim the grenade by holding, then release to throw. Pressing R1 instead of holding will just throw the grenade in the direction you’re facing.

Once thrown, the grenade will release smoke to signal the airstrike. Shortly afterwards, three waves of bombers will carpet bomb the area around the signal. Make sure you get out of the way!

Cancelling an Airstrike

If you find yourself holding an airstrike signalling grenade and aiming it at an enemy, but have changed your mind, don’t worry! The game allows you to cancel throwing a grenade by pressing your L1 button.

Be aware that once thrown, there’s no way to stop an airstrike from bombarding the area. If you make a mistake and throw a signal by accident, get out of there as fast as possible!

Where to Find an Airstrike

Airstrike signalling grenades can be found on higher level airdrops. These will appear later in the game when the match has heated up and some of the map has been closed off.

Watch out for incoming airdrops, as any one of them could contain an airstrike signal. This can mean the difference between a great victory and a swift defeat.

Use Airstrike PS4

When to Use an Airstrike

This is an immensely powerful piece of kit, and has a potential to wipe out an entire squad on its own.

It’s great to use when you want to secure an area from any enemies, as calling in an airstrike will make sure the surrounding area is clear of all people. You can use this to move in and set up a defensive position, or move forward into the next area without fearing hostile fire.

However, the airstrike also has a great tactical use when engaging the enemy, as it can effectively cut off an area, making sure they can’t escape. This may require a bit of planning, but it’s especially satisfying if you pull it off.

Airstrike’s effects are devastating to the entire area, so make sure that you plan ahead for everything that may go wrong. If you’re forced to get back into the airstrike area, you might find yourself the victim of your own making. You will win the fight, sure, but at what cost?

Wait, This Seems Familiar?

The airstrike feature isn’t limited to just Z1 Battle Royale. The once popular behemoth has been rapidly declining in ratings since other Battle Royale games have surfaced. The new titles, such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, have all taken the best of what Z1 offered and remade their own versions.

As of 2020, Z1 is just a shell of its old self, with newer titles out-competing it in every regard. With 200 average players, there are not many chances to use an airstrike on your opponents in Z1. Therefore, if you’d like to perform a fatal airstrike, we would recommend switching over. While Fortnite has since removed the use of airstrikes due to their clunkiness and power, other games of the genre still make extensive use of this feature.

Airstrike PS4

Airstrike to Victory

We’ve shown you how and when to use an airstrike signal in Z1 Battle Royale. Now it’s up to you to make the most of it. This complicated game has many nuances and ways to win, but the airstrike can be one of the most impressive. And if you want a go at air-striking your opponents elsewhere, we recommend other games of the Battle Royale genre, such as Apex Legends or PUBG.

When did you first use an Airstrike Signal drop? Did everything go to plan? Let us know in the comment section below.

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