Infinity Nikki: Watch Debut Trailer for Magical Girl Open-World Dress Up RPG


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Kentaro Tominaga had directed The Legend of Zelda, but he’s teamed up with developer PaperGames to deliver a different kind of open-world RPG that focuses on some cute outfits.

Infinity Nikki: Watch Debut Trailer for Magical Girl Open-World Dress Up RPG

Check out the debut trailer for Infinity Nikki:

Here’s the official game description (via IGN):

“Join Momo and Nikki as they embark on a new adventure collecting various pieces of clothing, solving puzzles, and uncovering secret areas in the world… Dress for the occasion and equip different outfits to gain access to abilities such as fishing, insect-catching, and floating.”

This isn’t actually the first game in the Nikki franchise, since the first game Nikki UP2U had came out for mobile back in 2013 and has since spawned several sequels. Infinity Nikki is different though, in that we’re actually going to be getting a 3D open-world, making a jump from mobile to PC, PlayStation 4 and 5. We should expect a mobile release as well though. ,

Though we should always expect these open-world games to be filled with all kinds of giant monsters, it seems that Infinity Nikki will only be focused on platforming and puzzle solving, with Nikki having access to several outfits that can help her traverse the world whether it be by air or sea. I guess there are still a few critters to go up against, but nothing you’ll find in a title like Monster Hunter.

So far, no specific release date has been announced for Infinity Nikki.  

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