Is Scalebound Being Revived by Microsoft?


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Scalebound was a dragon-riding action RPG that was announced back in 2014, and though there was a lot of excitement for the title, the project was officially cancelled come 2017.

Is Scalebound Being Revived by Microsoft?

Though fans never got to have a look at Scalebound a few years back, word has it that the franchise could be revived soon.  As per XboxEra’s Nick Baker (via GamingBolt), PlatinumGames and Microsoft are in ‘very very early talks’ about bringing back Scalebound. We don’t have any specifics, but the source does speculate that it could be a while before we get a release.

Here was the original announcement for Scalebound back in 2014:

The game was said to focus on dragon rider Drew who would have his own fighting options in the game, while at the same time have the ability to control his dragon Thuban to assist in the fight. The game was said to have less emphasis on action, and focused more on the graphics quality of the game.

We don’t know specifically why the game got cancelled back then, but the concept of dragon riders is pretty solid, and I’m sure that a lot of gamers would want a title where they can ride on the back of a giant, flying, fire lizard.

Then again, these are just rumors for now, but with the success of the new Bayonetta game, I think a few tweaks here and there could have a title where players can control giant monsters in battle while dishing out attacks on their own.

No announcement has been made about a Scalebound revival.

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