Jump Into a City of Ghosts in Official Showcase for Ghostwire: Tokyo


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We got our first look at Ghostwire: Tokyo back in E3 2019, and now Tango Gameworks is ready to release their upcoming PlayStation exclusive. Just in, we have a new official showcase for Ghostwire, and it gives us a great look at gameplay as well as the story of this trippy ghost city.

Jump Into a City of Ghosts in Official Showcase for Ghostwire: Tokyo

Watch this:

In an instant, nearly all of Tokyo’s population vanishes and paranormal Visitors from another world take their place in the streets. As Akito, one of the city’s last living humans, you must join forces with a spirit named KK to put an end to the supernatural threat encroaching on Tokyo.

The game is also available for pre-order, and if you do so, you can receive a Hannya as well as a Biker outfit. Pre-ordering the deluxe edition will also grant you three days of early access (take note, this is only available for digital purchase).

As for the showcase, the world of Ghostwire is definitely something to marvel at. Though the ghosts are there to add the horror element, the bright lights and trippy visuals are very reminiscent of a game like Cyberpunk 2077; not to mention the levels where the visuals just go berserk and you find yourself in an experimental movie.

The world definitely looks fascinating, and there seems to be something for everyone—even if the horror genre isn’t really your thing.

Ghostwire: Tokyo launches for the PlayStation 5 on March 5.

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