Jun Kazama will Cleanse the World in Gameplay Reveal for Tekken 8


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Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima may have both succumbed to devil powers, but one member of their family still remains to be the ‘pure’ one.

Jun Kazama will Cleanse the World in Gameplay Reveal for Tekken 8

Just in, we have the gameplay reveal for Jun Kazama, and we have her facing off against Jin and Kazuya. Check this out:

Love is a mother’s most powerful weapon.

Jun Kazama brings balance in all things in #TEKKEN8!

Jun was a playable character way back in Tekken 2, but she has been on hiatus as a playable characyer until Tekken Tag Tournament 8 where she also played the final boss Unknown. With Tekken 8 though, it looks like Jun will be a fully playable character, and she’s going to be facing off against her own family, both having lost themselves in their own rivalry.

So far, Tekken has been going through classic characters in the upcoming roster including Jin, Law, Paul, Nina, and Kazuya. While Jun has only recently been playable in the games again, I guess she still counts as a classic character, seeing as she was playable way back in the second mainline Tekken entry.

We don’t know who else is going to be appearing in the Tekken roster, but I think that Jun is the last one that’s been mentioned publicly. Moving forward, we should expect the reveals to be more unpredictable, maybe with new characters or ones that have been from more recent games.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tekken 8 is yet to receive a release date.

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