Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Farming Guide [KHUX]


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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Farming Guide [KHUX]

This Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (KHUX) farming guide will be covering Jewel farming, Premium Jewel use, farming for Evolve medals, Keyblade farming material locations and a Lux farming guide for the early game of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

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Can you farm Jewels?

The only real way to farm Jewels in Kingdom Hearts Unlimited X is to log in daily to collect the daily login bonus and quest. You can pick up a one time jewel bonus for joining your first party, and will occasionally get Jewels from completing quest as a reward when going through story mode and completing Event and Special quest.

You can also purchase Jewels but I only recommend grabbing the $15.00USD pack when it will give you 3000 Jewels. If you do purchase this save it for an Epic Medal carnival event. Another good use for your Jewels besides inventory space is for the daily deal when it shows a Medal you might be interested in. Keep in mind It’s still a RNG pull.

Evolve Material farming:

Each tier of Medal has its specific material required to Evolve it. You can power through stages finding the material or you can wait on the Daily quest. I recommend you play around the daily materials. The best way to farm Evolve material is to do the Special Quest for that type of evolve or xp Medal.

The Special quest for evolve materials for 1-5 star evolve Materials are open on specific days unless you unlock the weekly premium access then you can go to these stages anytime before the weekly reset. You will also get access the VIP medal stage where you can get XP and Evolve medals on the same stage.

4-5 ★ Evolve medal Tuesday: Power Fantasia Mickey Ver. A Flora
4-5 ★ Evolve medal Wednesday: Magic  Fantasia Mickey Ver. A Merryweather
4-5 ★ Evolve medal Thursday: Speed Yen Sid Fauna
1-3 ★ Evolve medal Friday: Merlin Cheshire Cat Fairy Godmother
4-5 ★ Evolve medal Saturday/Sunday:  Yen Sid Fantasia Mickey Ver. A

Common Medals:

Below you will find a few common medals and their respective stages where you can farm them. These medals do appear across other stages but you can use this as a quick access medal list.

#8 Jiminy Cricket
#12 Young Hercules, Stitch, Olette
#24 Rikku, Goofy Ver. A, Paine
#34 KH Sora Ver. A, Donald Ver. A, Dewey
#47 Wakka, Tidus
#57 Merlin
#63 Pence, Cheshire Cat, Huey, Louie, Moogle
#174 Fairy Godmother
#206 Yen Sid
#241 Fantasia Mickey

Farming Keyblade Material:

You will generally collect more than enough  of the common Keyblade materials while running through the stages but to help you out, here’s a list of where each of the common Keyblade materials can be found for each of the Keyblade types currently available in the NA Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

  • Starlight  Materials Location – Daybreak town
  • Treasure Trove Materials Location – Dwarf Woodlands
  • Lady Luck Materials Location – Wonderland
  • Three Wishes Materials Location – Agrabah
  • Olympia Materials Location – Coliseum

You can only get Orichalcum every 25 stages you complete, which limits how many keyblades you could potentially max out so level them wisely. Mythril Shards can come from completing quest objectives and Mythril madness will make it easier to get Mythril  Gems and Mythril Stones on Saturday and Sunday. Adamantite can currently only be gotten through the Adamantite ore challenges. 

Lux Farming Locations:

These are a few places I have found to be great for Lux farming in the early game before you gain access to the mid game. As well as a spot known for procing Behemoth raid boss spawns and the Wakka farming method.

Dwarf Woodlands – Heartless Havoc: The Cottage Pt. 2 #10

KHUX lux farming 1
Dark Forest: Entrance – This is an interesting stage that is fairly quick to clear in the early game, and later on for farming. By clearing this stage several times and killing all of the heartless on the map after a certain amount, you will spawn a Behemoth raid mob. Lower health than the other Raid boss type, which makes it faster to kill but it still provides a lot of Lux and Munny.

The only draw back to this stage is you have to keep skipping the cut scenes to farm it. But you can get around 300 Lux for clearing the stage by itself, and quite a few different medals. I noticed a lot of Moogle medals drop here.


Wonderland – Escorting Alice Pt. 1 #23

KHuX lux farming 2

Morning Dew Grove:Clearing – This is a great stage to farm for a silver and gold chest to grab a few medals and even common Keyblade material. It is a slightly large map but its worth it for the materials and potential chest. I have found various medals for Huey, Jiminy Cricket, Donald and a few others from quickly clearing this stage. The mobs and the boss fight are quickly cleared with AOE attacks, allowing you to rack in munny and xp pretty fast with the added bonus of no cut scenes to skip.

Clearing this stage can grant anywhere from 290 Lux for clearing only what you need to get to the boss, and up to 380 to 430lux for a complete map clear. Making it an incredible spot for early game experience farming. You will also get around 180 Munny for clearing this stage, with the possibility of getting up to 2 gold and 2 silver chest per run of this stage it is a highly recommended clear- It’s also great to build up your Keyblade’s special gauge.

Daybreak Town – Gummi Blocks: Fountain Square Vicinity #37

KHUX lux farming 3

Fountain Square – This map is another solid choice for Lux farming. You can get as low as 280 Lux for a speed clear, clearing one set of mob and going right to the boss or completely clean the map. My best record was 432 Lux for a complete map clear. This is a relatively small map so it very fast to complete. Running HD Aqua a blue / magic type in the starter spot of the keyblade makes short work of this map. There is a scare amount of keyblade material however, and no static chest spawns so its only good for the experience and munny.

I find that you will trigger a lot of raid bosses by completing this stage multiple times, this is just an even bigger reward for farming it.

Daybreak Town Gummi Blocks: 2nd District #41

KHUX lux farming 34

2nd District – This is a fairly small sized map with a lot of opportunities for chest. Killing the High Wizard gets you a gold chest, and there is a gold chest immediately behind him. Just before the boss there is a silver chest you can grab giving you 3 chest very fast with clearing this stage. You can skip most of the mobs on this stage if you want the chest but clearing it completely will get you around 400 Lux and anywhere from 150 to 200 Munny. The chest here seem to favor Moogle medals which is great for selling, and a mixture of Louie and Huey medals.

The Wakka Method– Grab 2 6 star Wakka’s, without leveling them up,  fill up a Keyblade that doesn’t have bonus to Power Medals and farm a stage with Wakka’s special on as many enemies as possible to maximize Lux.

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