Knockout City Heatwave Event is Now Live; 1.3 Patch Notes Inside


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It’s time to turn up the air conditioning as the heatwave event has now arrived in Knockout City, and this hot spell is forecast to bring in new collectables, contracts, and exclusive event shop items until July 5.

Knockout City Heatwave Event is Now Live; 1.3 Patch Notes Inside

If you want something cool and sweet to quench your thirst in the raging heatwave, there will be ice lollies dotted all around the map for you to collect. Each ice pop you collect can be put towards unlocking event contracts that reward brawlers with exclusive heatwave tickets. These tickets can be used at the heatwave event shop to exchange limited edition heatwave items like a Summer Dad outfit to an Epic Lazy River MVP pose.

Every street-play map will have 100 frosty treats in total to collect. If you successfully manage to collect all 100 of these frozen spoils, you will get 60 heatwave tickets in return. In addition, the number of ice poles collected will also count towards the total number found in the city and can go towards heatwave contract requirements like collect 25 ice pops.

This is not the only way to mount up heatwave tickets, as completing and winning a certain amount of matches will go towards heatwave contracts. Altogether, this will set up an interesting dynamic, as brawlers will have to balance active in-game skirmishes with hunting down their treasured popsicles. Teamwork may also be helpful, as team members could point out ice lolly’s locations or defend each other whilst trying to retrieve them. If you complete every heatwave contract, you will be rewarded with a Legendary Ultimate Hologram: the Holo Hydrant.

Many changes are heading to Knockout City’s Heatwave Event, which we will list down below. Will you be frying some dodgeballs on the sidewalk in the Heatwave Event?

Full 1.3 Patch Notes:

  • Switch players who were previously encountering a crash that kept them on the loading screen will now be able to load into the game
  • A third player will no longer be able to erroneously join in a 1v1 Face Off Private Match during match countdown
  • Fixed a bug where players held in ball form were not damaged by Bomb Ball blasts. Ultimate Throws already correctly KO’d held players, so this now behaves more consistently, as one would expect with explosions
  • On PC, the game will no longer “duck” or lower the volume when other application audio is played
  • Fixed several instances of rare crashes
  • Geo/Object Interaction
    • Opponent and player outlines are now properly fading as they get closer to the camera on PC
    • The Watertower in the Hideout was shifted slightly to prevent players from hiding inside it
    • Fixed geofading on the vent on the rooftop of Hideout spawn point, so it will now be translucent when the camera clips through it on PC
    • Fixed issues of various outfits clipping in idle poses and animations
    • When gliding, the entire streamer tips on the Paper Lanterns Glider now appear
  • Performance
    • Reported cases of mouse lag and stutter for PC players have been improved
    • Improved transition to different screen resolutions when swapping between different monitors
    • Improved graphics driver updates should now prevent reported instances of visual corruption
  • UI
    • Social Menus
      • When being invited to switch crews, pressing the “Cancel” option no longer backs out of the “Accept/Decline” options on the Invite
      • Players sending friend requests at the same time will only see one notification
      • After being removed from the Hideout for being idle, players will no longer receive invite notifications
      • Communication-restricted accounts can no longer falsely interact with the chat button prompt on match setup/results on Switch
      • Origin players will now know when someone has accepted their KO City friend request
      • The Recent Players menu will now accurately populate after a match
      • Fixed an issue where Group Invites would rarely not notify players that they had been invited
      • Animated Crew Banners now include the animated segment in the Social Menu
      • Find a Crew, Crew Results, and Player Names now appear in alphabetical order
    • Menus
      • Fixed a bug that blocked access to the remap Gameplay Controls menu
      • Fixed an issue where empty Player Icons appeared on the opposite side while selecting teams
      • Matchmaking widget will now reduce to low profile display while viewing the Legal screen
      • Included a URL for a missing Network error message when reconnecting after Xbox is put into a suspended state
      • Updated the Privacy and Cookie Policy text in languages other than English
      • Removed various instances of placeholder text found in-game
    • Audio
      • On PC, the game will no longer “duck” or lower the volume when other application audio is played
      • Background music audio is no longer muffled if users are caught in a bomb ball explosion during the slo-mo sequence
      • A group member who tries to change inaccessible privacy settings will now hear the proper sound effects
      • The “By the Horns” KO Effect is now consistent with other sound effect volume
      • Group members who did not initiate matchmaking will now hear matchmaking music and sound effects when matchmaking has begun
    • League Play progression UI no longer triggers on Spectators who are viewing a Street Play match
    • Fixed a rare issue where players received multiple notifications after completing a street play match
    • Fixed an issue where Players saw multiple idle poses more than once after equipping different body types and returning to the customization menu
    • The “Enter” key will now work reliably in Redeem Code menu on PC
    • UI will now not overlap for a spectator if they join another player who is on the match results screen
    • Fixed an error where players who canceled the news screen at a specific moment will no longer be stuck in “Grabbing News”
    • Fixed an issue where the spectator player camera appeared beneath the level when they were KO’d
    • Players who now try to boot the game from Origin in Offline Mode will no longer erroneously dismiss an error message
    • Players on some platforms will now correctly see the option to purchase the game
    • After Completing a Crew Weekly Reward contract and any other contract in the same gameplay session, players will not see a placeholder prompt for the weekly reward prompt
    • Resolution options for fullscreen mode are now listed more clearly
  • Misc. Gameplay
    • Contracts
      • Players will now have to complete the daily contract “KO Frenzy.” Previously, it was granting rewards before being completed
      • The in-game progress of the crew contract “Rollout” no longer resets when the user travels between 8000 and 9000 meters in ball form in a single match
      • The Weekly Reward and Season Reward contracts progress is now properly displaying after joining a crew
      • The “KO Streaker” contract is now completing as expected
      • Players previously did not see progression in contracts that required them to play with a friend, when they were grouped with a friend who was not a KO City friend, regardless of whether that person was a platform-specific friend. Now, contracts will progress as intended when players are grouped with a platform-specific friend who is not a KO City friend
    • Spectating
      • Fixed a bug where the next match would previously not start after all users have readied up in the Match Results screen of a Private Match if the Group Leader was a spectator
      • Spectators can now see the Sniper Ball laser visual effects
      • Spectators in private matches can now see the ‘Rematch” widget
    • On Switch, users were able to spam Catch more rapidly than designed after performing a Dodge, because the cooldown was reduced. This made Switch not aligned with the other platforms. It has now been brought back into line
    • Sometimes players who equipped both a new front and a new back logo would only see the back logo equipped. Now, after equipping a new front and back Crew Logo, both Logos will be properly equipped
    • Improved loading flow when erroneously attempting to join a player who has closed the game
    • After joining a group, matchmaking will no longer cancel on first attempt
    • Closing the main menu while in a grouped hideout no longer causes characters to play previous animation
    • Player nameplates for 3rd and 4th place will now appear in the KO Chaos outro cinematic
    • When leaving a group in Quick Play, the pop-up now clarifies that you will not also leave the match
    • Fixed an issue where canceling matchmaking with all other modes locked would cause an unexpected visual effect over locked modes

Other various bug fixes and usability improvements

Source: EA Offical Website

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