Kojima Productions has No Intentions to Use Other Licensed IP


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Hideo Kojima had grown a franchise out of the Metal Gear Solid games, and now he’s attempting to start on his own again with Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding franchise. With so many lucrative IPs looking to enter the gaming market, Kojima was asked if he would be interested in developing something based on licensed IP.

Kojima Productions has No Intentions to Use Other Licensed IP

Talking to IGN, Kojima reveals he’s ‘taking a stance’ when it comes to working on his original IP with KojiPro. Kojima explains:

“Kojima Production isn’t publicly traded, so I don’t have some goal of steadily growing the company… I just want to leave behind good work, and that’s the stance I’m taking while making games, while also considering making other kinds of visual projects. We’re going to maintain the stance of making our own IP and not working on IP licensed from others.”

So far, Kojima is doing well with his stance, with his recently announced game being the sequel to Death Stranding. Rumors are also going around that he’s making another game starring Margaret Qualley called Overdose, but that hasn’t been officially announced.

Who knows, maybe Kojima will change his tune in the future, but I respect his dedication to the craft. Let’s just hope that him and his team will manage to keep adapting to the new market, unlike Nintendo which took forever to allow third-party games on their console.

No release date has been announced for Death Stranding 2 yet, but hopefully the game comes out late 2023 or mid-2024.

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