L-shaped gaming desk: Which is the best to buy?


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Do you ever feel like your current desk simply isn’t big enough? You’ve got a laptop on it and you’re almost out of room. You have a monitor and keyboard on it and same story — you’re almost out of room. What if you could give yourself a bit more breathing room? What if you had the space of two desks instead of one? That’s the kind of luxury you get by investing in an L-shaped gaming desk. It is what it sounds like. It’s essentially two desks joined at their ends in the shape of a letter L. And it is fantastic.

L-shaped gaming desk: Which is the best to buy?

Since you’ve landed here, presumably you’re trying to find the right l-shaped gaming desk. Well, fear not — we’ve got you covered with our list of favorites. Buy any of them and you’ll be pleased. But dig in to learn which one is perfect for you.

Casaottima Desk, $139.99

l-shaped gaming desk Casaottima

Want your desk to have a more futuristic look to it? Do you require a monitor stand, or perhaps a stand for your trinkets? You won’t find anything to knock about this Casaottima desk. Priced at roughly $140, it boasts an X-shaped frame, that aforementioned shelf for lifting your display or showing off your figurines, and adjustable leg pads to help ensure the desk stays level at all times.

The edge of the L is rounded off, and there’s a matching round shape to the support bars on the bottom of the desk. Together, the two rounded corners look quite good. And from what the reviewers have to say, assembly is fairly straightforward. You could probably have it put together in an hour or two, and just like that, you’ll be rocking on an all-new L-shaped gaming desk.

ODK L-Shaped Desk, $169.99

l-shaped gaming desk odk

If you’re after something a tad more traditional, this ODK desk (priced at about $170) fits the bill. It’s a gaming desk, it has the L-shape, and it would look just as good in an office as it would in your gaming room.

Like the desk above, it comes with a monitor shelf (whether you actually use it with a monitor or not is your call). It also sports a handy iron hook — perfect for storing your headset or headphones when not in use. And last but not least: it utilizes an anti-scratch, anti-skid texture on its surface so your peripherals aren’t sliding around all over the place, harming your desk.

Ivinta Reversible Black Gaming Desk, $105.99

l-shaped gaming desk ivinta

This Ivinta desk ($106) is, for the most part, the no-frills option. It comes in at the cheapest price, and it lacks some of the goodies (monitor shelf, headset hanger) that the other desks provide. It does, however, have some utility that those prior options don’t. It is reversible, which means either the right or left side of the desk can accept the “L” attachment. And it has a built-in keyboard tray, enabling you to keep your keyboard off the surface of the desk.

If you need your room arranged in such a way, you may find the reversible nature of the Ivinta desk very convenient. Looking at the photo above, you likely noticed that the bottom of the “L” is shorter. If you are pressed for space, you may appreciate that this desk doesn’t take up quite as much room, too.

I believe the real star of the show here is that keyboard tray, though. I started this article off by talking about the room a keyboard can take up on the surface of your desk. An L-shaped gaming desk alleviates some of that pain. But imagine a desk like that — giving you the space of two desks — with no keyboard on top at all. Way more room for activities.

And there you have it: our L-shaped gaming desk picks

Whether you’re a PC gamer or you’re someone who kicks it with an Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass, you’ll find any one of these three desks perfect for a gaming setup. If you happen to pick up one of them, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how it’s working out for you.

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