How to Get Baneblade in Last Shelter Survival


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Real-time strategy game enthusiasts who enjoy playing games on the go will love Last Shelter: Survival. As a free-to-play game, you can fight your way up by pure effort alone. Although getting to the top may be a challenge, having the right parts kit can give you an edge. And one of the best parts kits you can get in the game is called Baneblade.

How to Get Baneblade in Last Shelter Survival

Players with Baneblade gain strong combat abilities for their units. The best part is that the set boosts all unit types. Keep on reading to find out how to get it.

BaneBlade Set Parts and Requirements

The Baneblade set consists of six parts, and each has its own required materials. Among the things you’ll need are:

  • Phantom Parts
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  • Ranger Parts
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  • Dreadnought Parts
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  • Super Energy Cores
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Once you have everything, you’ll get to create all six parts:

  • Suspension Frame
  • Tire
  • Armor
  • Weapon
  • Engine
  • Central Control

Keep in mind that your Part Factory must reach Level 25 before you can start making the Baneblade set.

Farming for Super Energy Cores

Other than buying Super Energy Cores, here are a few ways for free-to-play players or low-spenders to farm Super Energy Cores.


Daily Helicopter Exchange

If you have 700 Energy Cores, you can go to the Helicopter Exchange and convert them into 350 Super Energy Cores. This exchange can only happen once a day, and you’ll have to catch the helicopter every time it resets. Upgrading the helipad doesn’t affect the number of exchanges you can make.
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Getting Doomsday Coins

Players can earn Doomsday Coins every season, and every 90,000 Doomsday Coins can buy you 45,000 Super Energy Cores. This purchase only works once per season since the next season brings about a shop reset.


Subscription Benefits

If you purchase the Last Shelter: Survival subscription, you can earn 1,500 Super Energy Cores daily plus extra benefits. If you’re not averse to spending some money, this is a reliable and time-saving method to farm Cores.

The Arms Supply package costs $22.99 and is valid for 30 days. If you collect all of the free daily Super Energy Cores, you’ll get a total of 45,000 Super Energy Cores per 30-day subscription period.
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Playing in Special Events

Not every special event will reward you with Super Energy Cores, but a few of them will. When a new event is announced, you should take a look at the potential rewards. Getting all the Super Energy Cores from events can help with getting closer to completing the Baneblade set.

To Pay or Not to Pay

Some calculations suggest that if a player decides to go the purely free-to-play route, they’ll need at least four years to get a complete Baneblade set. Special events aren’t counted, as they’re not regular.

Even so, the long wait can grate on anyone’s patience. If they decide to sacrifice some Doomsday Coins, they can cut down the time by half. However, they’ll miss out on other Doomsday Coin rewards.

There’s also a weekly package you can buy, and it gives you a generous amount of Super Energy Cores. Buying it shortens the time to two months. However, it involves spending $99.99 a week.

Baneblade Active Skills

The Baneblade Set has three active skills:

  • Unwavering

A random row of fighters will receive healing each turn in the subsequent single siege. The heal’s potency depends on the units’ equipment quality.

  • Assault (Piercing Shot)

When the subsequent single siege arrives and all units are in the arrow formation, they get increased attack stats. Regular attacks also get a chance to hit the middle and rear rows of the enemy formation.

  • Crushing (Flattening)

During the coming single siege, if your formation only has vehicles, a random row will attack one more time each round. The attack can even deal damage to all three enemy lines. Damage dealt is equivalent to part of a simple attack.

Superior Firepower

If you’re not willing to wait four years for a set of APC parts, then perhaps you may want to consider spending a little money on the Baneblade set. It’ll reduce the time immensely, though you can spend as little as possible. The Baneblade set is powerful, but it also demands many Super Energy Cores. It’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend or wait.

Do you have a complete Baneblade set? Have you spent any money to get more Super Energy Cores? Let us know in the comments section below.

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