Lies of P Gameplay Trailer Puts Pinocchio in a Soulslike Game


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2022 has been the year of lying wooden boys with Disney’s live-action Pinocchio and Netflix’s Pinocchio from Guillermo del Toro, but next year will see a whole new take on the boy puppet. Lies of P from Neowiz Games is set to come out in 2023, and we have a new trailer that shows off the soulslike gameplay.

Lies of P Gameplay Trailer Puts Pinocchio in a Soulslike Game

Check this out:

Here’s the official description for the game:

You wake up at an abandoned train station in Krat, a city overwhelmed by madness and bloodlust. In front of you lies a single note that reads:

“Find Mr. Geppetto. He’s here in the city.”

Play as Pinocchio, a puppet mechanoid, and fight through everything in your path to find this mystery person. But don’t expect any help along the way and don’t make the mistake of trusting anyone.

You must always lie to others if you hope to become human.

Though the story of Pinocchio has been told time and again, I never imagine we could get a soulslike game out of it. While the kids’ movies that came out this year have an emphasis on the bond between Geppetto and Pinocchio, it seems that this take is going to have Geppetto be the main villain instead.

Then again, that’s just the vibe I’m getting from the dark as hell trailer.

Lies of P has no specific release date yet, but is expected to launch for PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S sometime next year.

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