List of All Mobs in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update



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Minecraft’s upcoming 1.19 update is set to be released in 2022. This will be a major update involving the introduction of new mobs, biomes and is currently set in stone for some significant changes in the game. Let’s take a look at all the mobs that will make their debut in the next update.

List of All Mobs in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

For years, Mojang has not failed the gamers and fans with their creativity in each new update in Minecraft. Once again, they are blowing us away with their reveal of the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update! Mobs, including the allay, voted for by Minecraft fans, will be released alongside significant changes in 2022. And although the wild update will not be out until late next year, this does not hinder the gamers, fans, and viewers from getting excited about these new mobs. Read on to find out which mobs are confirmed to be included in the next major update, 1.19!


Frogs are one of the mobs to be included in Minecraft: The Wild Update. They will spawn naturally in the swamp biome—a large, marsh-like biome usually flooded with murky water and covered in patches of single blocks of grass. Frogs will have three variants—default, tropical, and snowy—all of which depend on the temperature of the biome they spawn in. Just like in the real world, Minecraft frogs like to jump on lily pads and large drip leaves and love to eat fireflies.


Tadpoles are baby frogs. Tadpoles grow up into frogs during adulthood and, due to their small physique, can be held in buckets. Like frogs, tadpoles also have three variants: tropical, temperate, and tundra, but the variant of the frog will depend on the biome that the tadpole grows in.


Fireflies are new mobs to be introduced in Minecraft The Wild Update. Fireflies hover around with their tail lights flickering on and off throughout the night and are the smallest creatures in Minecraft at 2 pixels big. They are currently the only known food source for frogs.


The warden is a hostile mob that will be introduced to Minecraft with the new deep dark biome. The warden is a tall, fully blind hostile mob that detects the player through its sense of smell and vibration. They only spawn in the deep dark biome, including within the deep dark cities. Similar to zombies and skeletons, wardens also burn when they come in contact with direct sunlight. The warden has a glowing core in its chest that creates a low throbbing sound as it pulses and appears to brighten and dim in tandem with the darkness effect. This mob is designed to be extremely difficult for players to challenge—making the player intentionally avoid or flee from the warden when it is alerted.


The Allay mob was voted by the viewers and fans of Minecraft to be included in the upcoming update. The Allay was revealed during Minecraft Live 2021, along with the rest of the wild update mobs. The current known use of the allay mob is to find dropped blocks or items for the player.

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