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In Lords Mobile, most of your game actions revolve around sending your troops around the map to battle other troops and monsters. Your army size is among the most important statistics to consider since it limits your interactivity and combat prowess.

How to Increase the Army Size in Lords Mobile

If you’re new to the game, you’ll most certainly start with a small army and work upwards. But how large can you go?

We’re here to explain all the ways to increase army size in Lords Mobile.

Why Does Max Army Size Matter?

The game only allows you to select troops up to your current max army size, regardless of how many armies you’ve stocked up on in your turf. The more soldiers you’re able to send, the greater your chances of success in a mission or raid. That’s why increasing your maximum army size improves your attacking capabilities.

Do note that when you’re the one under attack, all of your available units will join in for the defense. Your maximum army size won’t matter when defending.

There are three main ways to improve your maximum army size in Lords Mobile and three optional boosts for event-specific attacks.

Upgrading Castle Level

Your Castle is the most important building on the turf, directing how many buildings you can have and various research and upgrade levels. The Castle is also the only building that provides you with a maximum army size in the game.

At the start, a Level 1 Castle only gives an army size of 1,800. However, by the time you reach Castle Level 25, you’ll be able to send 200,000 troops just based on having an upgraded Castle and no other boosts.

Ranking Up Heroes

When you move your troops to attack, you also send up to five Heroes to fight with them and provide bonuses along the way. Your army maximum size will also depend on your accompanying Heroes’ ranks. A Hero’s rank (ranging from one to eight) directly boosts how many more troops you can fit into an army, called a Command bonus. Each Rank 8 Hero will provide a 10,000 army boost.

With a Level 25 Castle and five Rank 8 Heroes at the helm, your army size becomes 250,000.

Purchasing Army Size Boosts

If you need a quick upgrade for a shorter period, there’s always the shop option. When you need bigger-army diplomacy, you can use a 20% or 50% army size boost from the game store. These items can also be acquired through various events or rewards.

Each army size boost lasts for four hours, and you can’t stack them for a larger increase. Using a 50% boost will provide you with a temporary total of up to 375,000 troops, depending on your Castle Level and Hero Ranks.

There’s also a Halloween-themed 5% army size boost, which is mainly cosmetic and comedic and should rarely be considered as an actual tactic.

Increasing Coalition Army Size

If you need a bigger army for Coalition Wars, there’s the Mecha Trojan familiar. Leveling the Mecha Trojan to Level 10 gives it the ability to boost your army size by 125,000 for these events for 30 minutes. However, this familiar is notoriously difficult to obtain and level, so the actual bonus will usually be smaller.

If you’re the Rally leader, you also get to send an additional two million units to battle, apart from any other bonuses.

Increasing Wonder Rally Size

Wonder Battles are another popular event amongst guilds. There are two ways to improve how many troops you can send to Wonders:

  • Researching the Wonder Battle skills, particularly the “Wonder Rally I” and “Wonder Rally II” options, give a total of one million troops to send to these battles.
  • Leveling up three P2P heroes, Snail Princess, Cursed Hunter, and Don Guapo. Each provides a stackable 200,000 army size boost for Wonder Rallies, and these passive boosts work even if they’re not the ones leading the army.

Increasing Darknest Rally Size

If you intend to raid Darknests for loot, it’s also advisable to research the “Darknest Invasion” upgrade in the “Military Command” section of the research tree. It gives another 50,000 troops at the highest level, which can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Get the Most Troops to Win in Lords Mobile

If you want to get the most benefits, leveling up your turf Castle and ranking up Heroes is the only way to gain a permanent army size boost.

What is your army size upgrade tip? Leave a comment below to share your opinion.

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