How to Level Up Fast in Lost Ark


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As they say, life begins at 50. Level 50 that is.

How to Level Up Fast in Lost Ark

In most games, reaching the max level for your character usually means that you are nearing the end of the main game’s storyline. For MMORPG such as Lost Ark, getting the top-level in-game signals the end of the main game content and the start of the more exciting post-game content known to many MMORPG fans as the Endgame.

While Lost Ark’s storyline will undoubtedly keep you entertained for hours on end, the Endgame content is the real meat and potatoes of Lost Ark, so you will want to reach Level 50 as fast as possible.

Here are a few tips to consider to level up quickly in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Endgame Content

For Lost Ark, 50 is the magic number (or level) that players need to reach to unlock that sweet Endgame content. From there, players can do daily quests and various other Endgame content such as Chaos Dungeons, Towers, Guardian Raids, and more.

Here are a few exciting Endgame contents waiting for players Level 50 and above.

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons is an Endgame PvE mode players can try to clear out solo or with a team. This PvE mode pits players various stages of random enemies that they need to clear out in under five minutes.

Upon completion, players will be rewarded with various loot drops that they can use to enhance their characters’ stats or hone materials.

Clearing Chaos Dungeons a few times is a key requirement to unlock other PvE modes such as Guardian Raids.


Towers is a PvE mode part of Lost Ark’s Endgame content that rewards players with Skill Point Potions upon completion. These Skill Point Potions are used to level up Skill Points, so you can quickly level up your abilities for maximum damage and quicker dungeon clearing in other PvE modes.

Guardian Raids

Guardian Raids is yet another PvE mode that can only be unlocked after Level 50, but there is a slight caveat – Guardian Raids can only be unlocked after completing a few Chaos Dungeon runs.

Teamwork is greatly rewarded in Guardian Raids, as players have to work closely together to figure out the best way to beat the Boss and the timer as quickly as possible to reap the rewards.

How to Level Up Quickly in Lost Ark

Getting to Level 50 should be a breeze in Lost Ark as long as you remain focused on your goal and avoid getting carried away with unnecessary in-game endeavors.

Here are some tips to help you get to Level 50 quickly in Lost Ark.

1. Skip the Prologue

If you are interested in learning more about the game’s storyline, you will want to play the Lost Ark Prologue from start to finish.

Aside from the story, the Prologue is a great introduction to Lost Ark’s basic controls, menus, and player abilities. This is a great way for first-time MMORPG players to get a head start on the game’s complex nuances.

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However, if your goal is to get to Level 50 as fast as possible, you are probably better off skipping the Prologue completely.

The Prologue itself takes about an hour to an hour and a half to finish – which is a lot when your playing time is limited to just a few hours each day.

image 338

While the Lost Ark Prologue has some juicy storyline details that add context to the start of the Main Game, it is not entirely vital to the game’s story itself.

To reach Endgame status faster, save yourself that hour and a half and go straight to the game’s Main Story Quests.

2. Focus on Main Story Quests

Completing Main Story Quests advance the Lost Ark storyline further. They also give out the most XP with the least amount of effort in-game.

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An orange marker on the Map denotes main Quests. You can easily check the Map by pressing “Tab” on your keyboard.

There are a ton of other side quests that you can take from various NPCs in Lost Ark. Although side quests are admittedly a good way to take a quick breather from all the action, they are a complete waste of time for the type of rewards and XP they give you.

Remember, the main goal is to get to Level 50 as fast as possible. Side Quests can help with XP, but focusing on Main Story Quests will yield the best time-to-XP gain ratio in Lost Ark.

3. Skip the Wild Monsters

Abilities are probably the coolest thing about playing Lost Ark. There is nothing better than completely decimating your enemies through the beautifully animated abilities in-game.

image 340

We cannot blame you if you decide to spend minutes or even hours in-game fighting around the Map against random monsters to see your character dance to their deadly combos, salvos, and spells.

The way these abilities light enemies up (complete with that insanely satisfying synchronized screen shake) makes for a very satisfying MMORPG experience indeed.

There is virtually an infinite amount of monsters that spawn in-game. Unfortunately, the amount of XP that you can gain from slaying hundreds, or even thousands of these monsters, will not give you XP that’s anywhere close to the amount of XP you can gain by simply completing Main Story Quests.

4. Make Use of Your Mounts and Triports

image 339

Classes in Lost Ark, such as the Gunner-class, have dash abilities that help them cover ground quickly. However, these abilities are cooldown-based, so you won’t be able to spam them for a while after you have used them.

A quicker and more reliable way of getting around the Map quickly is by using a Mount.

Mounts can be used anywhere around Lost Ark except for some indoor areas. Using a Mount lets you roam around the Map much faster than traveling on foot.

You will be given a free Mount by Father Varut just a few minutes into the Main Game’s Storyline. Use the Mount as often as possible to cut down on travel times and get to objective spots faster.

image 342

Triports are also a quick way of moving around the Map quickly. Remember to activate every Triport you come by while doing the Main Story Quests.

5. Powerpass

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Lost Ark allows players to have multiple characters per account. Just after your initial character reaches Level 50 for the first time (essentially upon completing the last Main Quest – Ealyn’s Gift), you will be given a Power pass.

The Power pass is essentially a free ticket to Level 50 that you can use on one of your other Classes in Lost Ark. When a Power pass is used. The player is taken through a quick run-through of the shortened version of the Main Game Campaign called Adventurer’s Path.

Adventurer’s Path is very similar to the Lost Ark Prologue, wherein players can opt to skip the entire thing or play through it to acquire a bunch of unique loot.

Right after the Power pass is used on your second character, a second one will quickly be awarded to you for free, thanks to a recent Lost Ark update.

Get that 50, bro.

Ironically, most MMORPG players think of the game’s Main Storyline as the bonus content and treat the Endgame content as the holy grail where all the fun truly begins. The same holds for Smilegate’s ultra-popular MMORPG game – Lost Ark. 

While the Endgame content might be the real goal for most Lost Ark players, the game’s Main Story is not bad at all. For a bit of novelty, you might want to take your sweet time with the Main Campaign and take in the story and the adventure that Lost Ark brings to the table. After all, once the Main Story is finished, your two other characters will receive a free pass to Level 50 anyway.

That said, since the goal is to reach Level 50 as quickly as possible, all five tips mentioned above will undoubtedly help you reach the sought-after Endgame content quickly.

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