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There is a perfect Class for every playstyle.

Lost Ark: Lost Ark Classes and Advanced Classes Guide

Many players new to the MMORPG will have little to no idea where to start, what to do, or which class to take. Do not feel bad if you fall under any of these categories; the MMORPG genre is a diverse and intricate world that will take time to learn and get the hang of.

One of the first things that players have to decide on upon starting their journey in Lost Ark is the type of class they would like to play. In Lost Ark, players will have to choose from any one of the Main Classes and decide upon the Advanced Class they want to take on for the rest of the game.

If you are uncertain about the type of Character Class that will suit your playstyle the best, worry no more; here’s a breakdown of every Character Class and Subclass in Lost Ark.

Balance of Power

For the NA/EU release of Lost Ark, players can choose among five different Main classes, each with its unique set of Advanced classes available for play.

The competitive gamer in you might already be thinking: “Well then, which Class is the strongest overall?” – to which the answer is: “All of them.”

Smilegate has done a great job making every class a viable option for MMORPG veterans and beginners alike. When choosing among the multiple classes available in Lost Ark, the better question would not be which of the classes is the strongest but “Which one fits my preferred playstyle better?

With that in mind, this overview should help you decide on which Character Class you think you’ll enjoy the most.


Big and heavy Warriors pack an even bigger and heavier punch.


Someone who can wield a big and heavy sword that’s as big as himself ought to be strong, right? – Of course!

The Warrior class is probably the most beginner-friendly Class in Lost Ark. Warriors can deal a ton of damage and has a host of AoE abilities and Crowd Control abilities that can help players deal with mobs of enemies with minor problems.

The Warrior class is divided into three Advanced classes: Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer. Depending on the Advanced Warrior Class you choose, each of these sub-classes might play quite differently. 

Berserker Class

The Berserker class is adept at dealing heavy damage to many enemies.

The Berserker class’ Identity Skill is Burst Mode. When activated, Burst Mode alters the Berserker’s basic attacks while gaining bonus movement speed, attack speed, and improved crit rates. Burst Mode also unlocks an extra skill called Bloody Rush that deals massive damage to enemies. 

This heavy-hitting Advanced Class should have no problems dealing with multiple mobs, thanks to its AoE-centric skillset and Crowd Control abilities.

While the Berserker class may not be as agile as some of the other classes in Lost Ark, they make up for it with sheer brute force and insane burst damage. Watch out for those long wind-up times, though.

If you like dealing a ton of melee damage to a large area, then the Berserker class might be for you!


The Paladin Class has a good mix of offensive and defensive abilities that help themselves and their teammates.

The Paladin class’ Identity Skill is called the Piety MeterPiety Meter fills up gradually while the Paladin is in combat. Damaging enemy units also help fill up the Piety Meter. When the Piety Meter is full, players can choose from one of two buffs: Sacred Executioner or Holy Aura – the former gives the Paladin class more damage and extra range for both melee attacks and Punish-based abilities.

While their offensive abilities are not terrible, they are more suited to play the Support Role than anything else.

This class makes a lot more sense when you finally reach Lost Ark’s Endgame content. Paladins should only really be built with Shields and Heals in mind as a damage-focused build does not suit this class very well compared to more damage-centric classes in Lost Ark.

If you like giving Heals, Shields, and Buffs to your teammates but still want to take the front line position in Boss Raids, then the Paladin class might be your class. 


The Gunlancer class is a hybrid class that takes a few good bits from Berserker and Paladin classes.

The Gunlancer class’ Identity Skill is Shield Meter. Like the Berserker Class and Paladin class, the Gunlancer class can slowly fill up their Shield Meter by attacking and inflicting damage to enemies. Shield-based damage fills this meter up faster than regular attacks. 

The Gunlancer can easily switch between Normal Stance and Defensive Stance – the latter trades movement speed for bonus HP. Gunlancers can summon an AoE shield that protects nearby allies from damage with a full Shield Meter. 

Building the Gunlancer to become a formidable Tank synergizes well with the Gunlancer class’ pull-ability. You need to be able to tank a ton of damage since drawing enemies towards you will cause them to focus their attacks on you.

If you like playing as someone who draws the enemies’ attention away from their teammates, then the Gunlancer class might be your best bet! If your team needs someone to deal additional damage, you can do that.


When in doubt, shoot.


The Gunner class deals a ton of damage and disruption from long-range. There are four different Advanced classes under the Gunner class:

  • Gunslinger/Deadeye
  • Artillerist
  • Sharpshooter


Gunslinger and Deadeye Advanced classes are Grouped since they are the same class where the only real difference is their gender (Male and Female, respectively).

The Gunslinger/Deadeye class is one of the most versatile and stylish classes available for play in Lost Ark. If you have ever played Devil May Cry before, then this class will remind you a lot of how Dante is played in the Devil May Cry series.

As its Identity Skill, the Gunslinger/Deadeye class is given three different stances: Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun – each gun with its own unique ability sets. Gunslinger/Deadeye players can switch between the three guns on the fly, which allows them to chain stylish combos one after the other.

If you fancy varied and combo-centric gameplay with a ton of damage potential, then the Gunslinger/Deadeye class might be the one for you!


Think of the Artillerist class as somewhat of a long-ranged Berserker – slow and bulky but deals boatloads of damage.

The Artillerist class is adept at dealing massive damage towards multiple targets with his colossal gun. The Artillerist class’ Identity Skill, Firepower Meter, allows him to deal bonus damage to enemies the more enemies are hit by his skills.

Once the Firepower Meter is full, the Artillerist class can activate Barrage Mode, which turns the Artillerist into a stationary turret. 

If you like dishing out huge amounts of damage from afar and do not mind the lack of mobility, then the Artillerist class might be for you! Just be extra mindful of your positioning.


The Sharpshooter class battles with a more traditional bow and arrow than the Gunslinger and Artillerist classes.

The Sharpshooter class’ Identity Skill is the Hawk Meter, which summons the Sharpshooter’s powerful Silverhawk companion.

The Identity Skill also unlocks two powerful Silverhawk Abilities that deal huge damage to enemies. While the Silverhawk is active, allies within a 24-meter radius are given a movement speed buff. Silverhawk also periodically attacks random enemies in an area around the Sharpshooter.

The Sharpshooter class features a mix of abilities that allow him to engage in both long-range and short-range battles with ease. Some of the Sharpshooter class’ abilities feature enormous AoE abilities that deal decent damage over time. A few dash abilities are also present in the Sharpshooter class’ arsenal.

Overall, the Sharpshooter class is a highly mobile DPS class with relatively low cooldown abilities that allow players to pile on damage on their enemies.

If you like darting in and out of battle while dealing with sustained damage to your enemies from afar, then the Sharpshooter class seems like a great choice!


Cool, calm, yet deadly.


The Assassin class is arguably the flashiest in Lost Ark. Speed, and Power is what the Assassin class is all about.

Assassins are adept at dealing quick melee damage to hoards of enemies. One of the Advanced Assassin class’ Identity allows it to turn into a rampaging demon (Shadow Hunter). The other Assassin Advanced class chooses between bonus damage or status buffs (Deathblade).

Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter Advanced class is a traditional melee attacker that deals decent damage at close to medium range. A certain trick up its sleeve makes the Shadow Hunter class an enticing play.

The Shadow Hunter class’ Identity Skill is the Shadowburst Meter. This Identity Skill is a charge bar that, when filled up, allows the Shadow Hunter to turn into an insanely powerful demon with powerful skills and attacks. 

The Shadow Hunter is a melee attacker with close-medium ranged skills in Normal mode. A few of her abilities allow her to close the gap between herself and her enemies.

If you like engaging in close-quarters combat, the Shadow Hunter is probably your class. The option to go into demon form turns you into a rampaging monster capable of dishing out insane amounts of damage.


The Deathblade is the epitome of combo-centric gameplay with huge damage potential.

The Deathblade Class is arguably the most fun class available for play in Lost Ark.

The Deathblade Class comes complete with ground and air-combos reminiscent of Devil May Cry. Hoards of enemies stand no chance against the shifty and powerful gameplay of the Deathblade Class.

The Deathblade class’ Identity Skill is called Death Orb, and Deathblade has three Death Orbs that fill up for every hit that Deathblade registers against enemies.

Deathblade receives move speed, attack power, attack speed, MP recovery, and skill cooldown reductions for every Death Orb that she fills up. When all Death Orbs are full, the Deathblade class deals insane damage against any enemy. Coupled with her never-ending combos, the Deathblade Class is a formidable DPS character.

If you like stringing combos and dealing tons of damage from close to medium ranges, then the Deathblade is probably the best class!

Martial Artist (Female)

Never to be underestimated.

Martial Artist (Female)

The Martial Artist (Female) class is split into three different Advanced classes, each with its unique quirks and features.

  • Wardancer
  • Scrapper
  • Soulfist


The Wardancer class is the quickest and most agile Martial Artist (Female) class.

The Wardancer class’ Identity Skill, Esoteric Meter, fills up for every hit registered on an enemy unit. Filling each of the three Esoteric Orbs unlocks additional skills that deal powerful damage against enemies.

Overall, the Wardancer class is an excellent melee fighter with a few Crowd Control skills that allow her to deal with multiple enemies at once.

If you like an agile melee fighter with decent damage and CC capabilities, then the Wardancer Class is probably the class!


The Scrapper Advanced class is an elite melee fighter with multiple ability types.

The Scrapper Advanced class’ Identity Skill is a Stamina and Shock EnergyMeter. This Identity Skill is a tug of war between Stamina Skills and Shock Energy – using one type fills up the other type. 

The Scrapper class’ usable skills vary depending on which type of Energy is currently filled.

If you like to choose between two types of Skills in a melee-type character, you might want to try the Scrapper class!


The Soulfist Class is the most unique Martial Artist (Female) Advanced class.

Soulfist is a hybrid Martial Artist class with a normal ranged attack with melee-centric skills. Her Identity Skill is called the Hype Meter, and Hype provides bonuses such as reduced Skill Cooldowns, bonus Attack Speed, and improved damage.

There are three levels to Soulfist’s Hype Meter, and each step provides increasingly powerful buffs to multiple parameters, similar to Might Guy’s Eight Gates in Naruto.

If you like a melee hybrid character with decent melee skill damage, try out the Soulfist Advanced Class!

Martial Artist (Male)

Heavy-hitter martial arts master.

There is only one Advanced class for the Martial Artist (Male) class in Lost Ark, the Striker.

The Striker Advanced class’ Identity Skill is the exact copy of the Wardancer’s Identity Skill – the Esoteric Meter.

The gameplay is similar to the Wardancer class – melee attacks and skills with extra unlockable skills once the Esoteric Meter is filled up.

Overall, the Striker class can execute explosive damage to a group of enemies in quick succession.

Want a male version of the Wardancer class? The Striker is the class for you!


Magical AoE damage.


Of course, Lost Ark would not miss a chance to feature their flavor of the archetypal Mage class. What is an MMORPG game without the classic Mage class?

The Mage class in Lost Ark is split into two Advanced classes for the NA/EU release of the game – Bard and Sorceress.

Both Mage classes boast heavy AoE magic damage and support capabilities that no other class in Lost Ark can match.


The Bard Advanced class is the quintessential support role common in MMORPG games.

Bard’s Identity Skill is called Serenade. There are two types of Serenade that Bard players can use in battle – Serenade of Courage and Serenade of Salvation.

Serenade of Courage increases Bard’s allies’ attack damage while the Serenade of Salvation heals allies.

Even though some of Bard’s abilities deal decent damage against enemies, in PvE and PvP, she is better off providing support to her teammates.

If you’re not a front-line player who likes to get up close and personal with enemies, you might want to play the support-focused role that only the Bard class can.


Last but not least is one of the newest classes in the Lost Ark roster – the Sorceress class.

The Lost Ark Sorceress class is an AoE Magical damage juggernaut that can dish out a ton of damage to hoards of enemies in a short amount of time.

The Sorceress’ Identity Skill is a charge bar that fills up the more damage you deal towards enemies. When the Sorceress Identity Skill bar is filled up, the Sorceress class has two additional skills – Teleport and Amplify Magic/Magic Release. 

The Sorceress might be the best class if you are into magic-based characters with huge damage potential!

Balanced MMORPG Fun

Regardless of which Class you end up playing in Lost Ark, you can be sure that your chosen class will remain relevant in PvE and PvP game modes. Each class plays a crucial role in every team composition, and as long as you play your role correctly, you will be able to contribute a ton of value to your team in one way or another.

With that in mind, you should pick the class that feels the most fun to use for you, as you will be spending a ton of time with these classes, especially in Endgame content such as raids and PvP.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you liked our overview of Lost Ark’s playable classes!

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