Luckslinger Brings Spagetti Western Retro Goodness to PS5, PS4 on April 6th, 2021


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Remember the days where graphics didn’t matter so long as the game was fun? That’s what upcoming retro shooter Luckslinger is hedging its bets on.

Luckslinger Brings Spagetti Western Retro Goodness to PS5, PS4 on April 6th, 2021

2Awesome Studio has announced today that it will be releasing the action-adventure spaghetti western Luckslinger on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch this April, though with varying release dates.
On PlayStation, the game will release on April 6th, while Xbox gets the game on April 7th, and Nintendo Switch gets it on April 9th.

What is Luckslinger?

Luckslinger is a throwback to the days before even the SNES – think Commodore and Amiga gaming systems.
You play as a gunslinging cowboy on a quest to rid the west of bandits and you’ll be stealing their luck along the way. Luck can be used to save yourself in a pinch by sending enemy bullets skywards instead of towards your noggin.

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Yeah, it’s a strange one and it certainly won’t be to everybody’s liking, but if you have a bit of a fetish for old-school games, Luckslinger might be worth checking out when it releases next month.

In Luckslinger, you’ll be stealing your lucky stars – be sure to spend them wisely! Partly inspired by the unrealistically fast gunslingers, the dark gritty humour, and the greed-driven anti-heroes of the spaghetti western classics. Wholly inspired by vinyl digging, graffiti spraying, rhyming, and the slow jazzy drum samples of hip hop culture and sound.
Are you feeling unlucky? In Luckslinger, rid the west of bandits, steal their luck, and use it for your own good. The more luck you have, the more chance you have for bullet evasion, better loot at your feet, and staying alive. However, when you’re “down on your luck” in your trusty bracelet, bridges collapse, rocks tumble, and outlaws might know where you’re sleeping that night.
Clovercreek and the crazy outlaws – The town of Clovercreek has been robbed blind. Six infamous criminals stole the town’s precious luck charms and it’s up to you to bring them back. Get paid the golden price while doing so, because bounty hunters don’t do charity work.
Duck friend till the end – At all times you are accompanied by your companion Duckbridge. He returns your throwing knife, grabs extra health and distracts your enemies… but only when his tiny little duck brain tells him to do so.

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