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GTA 5 is an endless source of fun, with numerous activities that keep the game from becoming boring or routine. However, not everyone is content with action-packed shooting and limitless racing. Some players are only out to ruin the experience for others. Luckily, this can be easily solved by using private lobbies.

How to Make a Private Lobby on GTA 5

This entry will guide you through creating a private lobby in GTA 5. We will show you how to do this on PCs and consoles, meaning you will not have to worry about toxic players regardless of your platform.

How to Make Private Lobby GTA 5 Xbox One?

Private lobbies in GTA 5 are not just useful for users who want to avoid toxic players. They also work well if you are a beginner and have not yet found your feet in this vast world.

Launching the “Invite Only” mode is the easiest way to start a private session on Xbox One. The following method works for all platforms:

  1. Open the game and activate your “Story Mode.”
  2. Navigate to the pause menu and select the “Online” section.
  3. Scroll down and press “Play GTA Online.”
  4. Choose “Invite Only Session,” and you’ll be taken to a private lobby.

There is another way to play GTA 5 privately on Xbox One:

  1. Start the game and enter your public lobby.
  2. Press “Home” on the controller to reach your menu.
  3. Choose “Settings,” followed by “General Network Settings” and “Test NAT Type.”
  4. Let the loading icon spin three times. Waiting longer than three may kick you out of your lobby.
  5. Press “Home” to return to your game.
  6. Go to the “Test NAT Type” section in your “Settings.” You should see the following notification: “Game ready for GTA V.”
  7. When you return to your game, you should return to an abandoned lobby, allowing you to enjoy GTA 5 in a safe environment.

How to Make Private Lobby GTA 5 PC?

You can apply the same method as Xbox One users:

  1. Launch GTA 5 and navigate to “Story Mode.” You shouldn’t have a tough time accessing private lobbies on your PC.
  2. Open the pause menu and pick “Online.”
  3. Click “Play GTA Online” and select “Invite Only Session.”

There are a few other ways of starting private sessions from your computer. The first involves using your task manager to suspend GTA 5 and resuming it after a few seconds. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Open the game and start a public session.
  2. Go to one of your buildings and minimize the game by pressing the “Alt + Tab” key combination.
  3. Launch your task manager and choose the “Performance” section.
  4. Navigate to the lower part of the screen and click the “Open Resource Monitor” tab.
  5. Find and right-click “GTA5.exe.”
  6. Choose the “Suspend Process” option.
  7. Wait a couple of seconds, right-click on “GTA.5exe” again, and press “Resume Process.”
  8. Go back to your game; you should be the only player in your session.

You can try another solution if this technique does not do the trick. Remember that it is only recommended if your smartphone has unlimited or large amounts of data. Here is how it works:

  1. Activate your mobile hotspot and connect to it with your PC.
  2. Enter a public lobby and quickly restart mobile data.
  3. As the game detects lag, you should now be placed in a Solo lobby so that you can’t cause lag problems for other players.

How to Make Private Lobby GTA 5 PS4?

As previously indicated, you can access private lobbies on GTA 5 easily on any platform. The same goes for your PS4:

  1. Start the game and initiate “Story Mode.”
  2. Go to your pause menu and choose the “Online” option.
  3. Press “Play GTA Online.”
  4. Select “Invite Only Session,” and you should be ready.

Alternatively, you can launch Solo public sessions by disrupting your connection:

  1. Open your “Story Mode” and make sure your Ethernet cable is connected.
  2. Disconnect the cable and pair your device with a wireless network.
  3. Start a public session and enter one of your buildings.
  4. Reconnect your Ethernet cable, and all other users should be removed from your lobby.

However, this method does not guarantee your lobby will be solo throughout your session. Repeat the process if other players join you.

Changing your MTU settings is also a viable option:

  1. Start a public lobby and go to your “PlayStation Settings.”
  2. Select “Network,” followed by “Choose Network” and “Custom.”
  3. Write down or memorize the current MTU settings (e.g., 1500). You’ll need to revert the change if you want to enjoy public lobbies with other players again.
  4. Change your “MTU” settings to 800.
  5. Enter a public lobby. It may take a bit longer, but you should be all alone once the game starts. However, this also means your lobby will be inaccessible to your friends, so think twice before using this technique.

What Is the Invite Only Session in GTA 5?

As the name suggests, “Invite Only” sessions in GTA 5 allow you to determine the players who can access your lobby. However, the host is not the only one with invitation privileges – they also extend to other invited players. Therefore, it is not strictly a private mode, but it’s still close.

In these sessions, you can play heists, do jobs, and earn money for completing duties as long as the objectives do not require Free mode. It’s also worth noting that businesses are limited. They can be established but restocking and selling cargo requires you to play in Free mode.

What Is the Solo Session in GTA 5?

Solo sessions may be your best option to avoid toxic players. It prevents other users from joining your game, enabling you to polish your shooting or driving skills on your own.

This game mode has a few notable drawbacks, primarily minimal activities. You can not perform Free mode setups, and most jobs are unavailable.

Once you have launched this session, you will notice that all jobs are grayed out. This even includes general missions, which are available in other game modes.

You can perform activities that include races, survival challenges, and parachuting challenges. As a result, extended Solo sessions are not recommended since they are severely limiting. It is perfectly suitable for exploring the map by yourself and avoiding explosive action but try switching to other modes when you are ready for more thrills.

Test Different Modes and Make Your Pick

Many users are put off GTA 5 due to trolls and toxic players, but this can easily be solved by switching to a different mode. For example, Solo sessions allow you to explore the wonders of this open-world game on your own since you will not encounter other users. But if you like a few teammates by your side, the Invite Only option might be your best choice.

Are you familiar with any other way of launching private game modes in GTA 5? How often do you play them? Do you prefer to Invite Only or Solo sessions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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