Mass Effect Legendary Edition is crashing on Xbox, which is just great


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There’s nothing more I want to do than stop writing for the day, plop down on the couch with a dozen Coke Zeroes, and play Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I’ve been waiting for this release for months. It is — next to Horizon Forbidden West, maybe — my most anticipated game of 2021.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is crashing on Xbox, which is just great

Unfortunately, it seems there is an issue with the Xbox version of MELE that is greatly going to hinder how much I’m able to enjoy it. I am going to pray a quick patch comes before the end of the workday.

Seriously, did no one test this?

According to the nice people at Game Rant, there’s a very specific thing that’ll make your Xbox copy of Mass Effect Legendary Edition tap out and full-on crash to the home screen. It’s your headset. The game is apparently very finnicky if you have a wireless headset connected to your console.


Game Rant notes that, if you want to use your wireless headset in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, there’s an order of operations you have to follow. You have to launch the game first. Then you have to choose the specific entry in the Mass Effect series you want to play. Then, when you’re at the splash screen for that title, you can turn your wireless headset on.

If you are staring at the Xbox dashboard after launching the game, you did it wrong.

Hopefully this gets fixed up pretty soon, as I can imagine a lot of people are going to find this crash incredibly frustrating. Those switching from another game over to MELE will have to remember that their headset needs to be turned off until they’re in ME1, for example; then it can be turned back on again.

Should EA drop a hotfix on Xbox players, we’ll come back to this article with an update.


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