Media Molecule’s The Interpretation of Dreams


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Dreams are a fascinating and puzzling phenomenon that we will probably never fully understand. Dreams have so thoroughly permeated our culture that we use the term dreams to describe things like life goals and wants. If you find yourself distracted for no reason at all, we refer to it as a daydream. However, it is the slumbering mysteries that unfold in our sleep that have captivated us the most. Great minds have analyzed them and artists have used them to enhance their stories, pictures, songs, films, and even video games. David Lynch considers his films, “a dream world that I’ve made, a world that chose and that I have complete control over.” Media Molecule wants to provide you with the tools so you can be like Lynch creating and controlling with their upcoming video game Dreams set to release sometime later this year.
Media Molecule officially announced Dreams at E3 in 2015 and while they would occasionally show us something amazing that was created in Dreams, they remained pretty silent as they plotted to take over the world. Some people had their doubts, others were worried, but not Shuhei Yoshida, he knew that if he just let Media Molecule do Molecule things they would deliver a masterpiece that would have the entire games industry talking. It all started with a surprise trailer at the Video Game Awards, and the excitement quickly escalated at the PlayStation Experience Event in December of 2017 as Media Molecule proudly showed off their much-anticipated game that had everyone talking. Now we wait like a mad Gollum, pouring over social media and checking Pure Playstation daily for Media Molecule to give us more details and a release date on our precious.
For some of us, Media Molecule has already fueled our dreams…with nightmares. Remember the wheel of death in the bunker level of Little Big Planet? Following in Mm’s tradition of featuring adorable androgynous main characters, Dreams sees you controlling a fully customizable imp. The imp looks to act a lot like a mouse cursor; you use it to create, manipulate, interact with objects as well as possess characters allowing you to control characters and experience the dreams. It’s widely believed that seeing an imp in your dreams represents chaos and disorder but how can this ball of cuteness be anything but a good omen. If you are the crafty type and would like to make an imp of your own, Media Molecule’s Abbie will teach you how here.
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With Dreams, you are given the tools to create almost anything, interactive adventures, puzzles, platformers, racing games, shooters as well as create and add music to your dreams; this is impressive considering it’s all being done without the need to master complicated software. Armed with only a PS4 controller you can build worlds within the virtual art studio and then drop them in what is being described as something like an Instagram filter that brings your dreams to life. Media Molecule is also providing a space to upload and share your creations with other dreamers. Remember, Dreams is for everyone, graphic violence, sexual content, and anything else inappropriate is prohibited and will be closely monitored by Algorithmic curation, Sony’s tools, and moderation from the dedicated Media Molecule Community.
If you aren’t the DIY kind of gamer, Dreams also features a story mode that is told in three intertwining stories that explore different genres. The story focuses on a man named Art and the characters within his dreams.
Although it won’t be a launch feature, support for the PSVR will be added at a later date that will allow you to create in glorious VR. You can read all about that in our previous article.
What Dreams will you be making come true? Share your dreams and nightmares down in the comments section below.

Media Molecule’s The Interpretation of Dreams

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