Meet Your Maker Reveal Teases Minecraft-Meets-Mad-Max



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Behaviour Interactive is best known for its Dead by Daylight series, but they have one more game that pits players against each other in a grotesque fashion.

Meet Your Maker Reveal Teases Minecraft-Meets-Mad-Max

Check out the reveal for Meet Your Maker:

Set in a post-apocalyptic universe, the first-person building-and-raiding game puts user-generated content at the heart of its gameplay, with every level designed by players for players.

The game essentially has players raiding forts for something called pure genetic material, and each fort will be a level designed by another player filled with monsters, traps, and all kinds of hazards.

While we’ve gotten games where players can play each other’s levels and steal each other’s items, Meet Your Maker adds its twist to the genre by populating the game with all kinds of atrocities—pretty much drawing from the body horror of the Dead Space series.

No doubt, some players will get a kick out of this game, and the character designs have been nothing short of fantastic. Not to mention, the fort exteriors also look pretty cool. I wonder if they can reflect the levels inside because I imagine it would be a whole ‘nother chore to make the outside look cool after coming up with the most convoluted dungeon.

 After Behaviour’s success with Dead by Daylight, hopefully, they have enough plans to make sure Meet Your Maker has a nice, long stay.  

Meet Your Maker is set for a release in 2023 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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