Storage Requirements for The Last of Us Part I Revealed



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The Last of Us Part I still holds up pretty well for a game that came out back in 2013, but Naughty Dog is giving the game a complete modern-day polish with the upcoming remake. The game is set to come out this September, and we have some news about the required storage space for the game.

Storage Requirements for The Last of Us Part I Revealed

According to the TLOU page on PlayStation Direct (via GamingBolt), the Last of Us Part I remake will require 79 GB of storage space. Compared to The Last of Us Remastered, that’s 29 more Gigs of storage required, seeing as that one needed 50 GB of storage for the PS4.

Other improvements have also been listed down, like the remake supporting haptic feedback on the controllers for the PS5, including the simulation of rain, as well as different kinds of triggers for weapons like Ellie’s bow and Joel’s revolver.

Despite what the internet says about the game, I thought that The Last of Us Part II was pretty amazing, and I can’t wait for Naughty Dog to announce a third one. While we wait though, I guess a remake of the first game for modern consoles could still be interesting—especially since it could be a great jumping-off point for anyone who hasn’t tried the game yet.

Winner of over 200 Game of The Year Awards, completely rebuilt for the PlayStation®5 console.

Revisit the game that set a new bar for single-player narrative storytelling with The Last of Us™ and explore a ravaged and hardened world, where every action has a brutal consequence for Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us Part I launches on PS5 this September 2. The game is also set to hit PC on a later date, but we’ve yet to get a launch date on that.

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