Mixer vs Twitch: Which Is The Better Of The Two?


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Live streaming websites like Twitch have had a major cultural impact in recent years. Countless gamers have taken to services like this to either stream their gameplay or watch others do the same. These platforms allow streamers to make a living from doing what they love while entertaining their supporters.

Mixer vs Twitch: Which Is The Better Of The Two?

However, while Twitch is still the most popular live streaming platform, it’s no longer the only option for those interested in trying out streaming for themselves. In recent years, Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has started to face more and more competition from other major companies like Microsoft and Google.

Mixer, which is a rebranding of the platform previously known as Beam, is owned by Microsoft and is quickly becoming one of Twitch’s largest competitors. As more popular streamers, like Ninja, move over to Mixer, it begs the question: Which is better, Twitch or Mixer?

Of course, the answer to this question isn’t a simple yes or no. Instead, you’ll have to take a look at the pros and cons of each to decide for yourself which is better.

Mixer vs. Twitch: Which is Better?

As I mentioned before, the answer to this question isn’t a simple yes or no. Every streamer and viewer has different wants and needs — meaning, Mixer might be better for some while Twitch might be better for others.


To determine which is the best streaming platform, we’ll take a look at a few key factors, such as competition, potential audience, ease of use, and similar factors.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Mixer and Twitch.

What Does Mixer do Best?

Mixer is still certainly the underdog when it comes to competing against Twitch. Its biggest disadvantage is that it simply doesn’t have as a large of an audience as Twitch — meaning, it can be difficult for new streamers to build a significant audience.

Mixer has a mobile app known as Mixer Create. This allows users to broadcast mobile video games as well as live videos from their smartphones or other digital devices. Twitch also has a mobile app but it only works for video broadcasting.

Mixer is particularly interactive. It has special sound effect buttons that can be pressed while watching and has direct integration with some of the most popular games in the world, Minecraft being a prime example.

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Another one of Mixer’s very popular features is co-streaming. This enables several streamers to broadcast gameplay from their own channels at the same time. It displays all those channels as a split-screen and can be used to view whatever users decide to stream, whether that is art or tutorials. If users just want to stream a few of them having a chat, that is fine too.

Mixer’s faster-than-light (FTL) streaming protocol also makes it so that makes it so there is almost no delay between viewers and streamers, which leads to a more interactive stream. Speaking of audience interaction, there’s also a feature called Mixplay, which allows viewers to play select games with their favorite streamers.

All things considered, Mixer has a strong community, a plethora of unique features, great customer support, and is very accessible.

What Does Twitch do Best?

Twitch’s main advantage is simple: it is by far the largest streaming platform in the world for both gaming and non-gaming content. Twitch is also owned by Amazon, so Twitch users who have Amazon Prime get certain benefits, including free in-game items and free Twitch Prime.

Due to Twitch’s large community, it’s typically the better option for any streamer who wants to build a significant audience. Though, it is worth noting that new Twitch streamers have a notoriously difficult time attracting viewers due to the platform being home to countless already-popular streamers.

Twitch is available on both Xbox and PlayStation 4, so those who don’t have a PC can still stream straight from their consoles. Although you can get Mixer to work on the PS4, it is only native to the Xbox family of consoles. Neither of them will work on a Nintendo Switch. However, you can watch Twitch on Amazon’s Fire TV.

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Twitch’s affiliate program is a great way for streamers to earn money. Twitch also holds an annual TwitchCon, which brings streamers and viewers together for a real-life event.

Ultimately, Twitch is still the industry standard when it comes to live streaming. Thanks to its user-friendly features, large audience, and other factors, Twitch is often considered the default option for those wanting to get into streaming.

Which is the Better Streaming Platform?

For years there have been several platforms for streamers including YouTube Gaming, Hitbox, and Azubu, not to mention the two being discussed in this article.

Twitch has to be the leader by far in both its branding and viewership. Now, however, Mixer has upped its game and is becoming a serious contender. Microsoft has carefully considered what mistakes it thinks Twitch has made and has been careful not to emulate them.

Although they both, on the face of it, offer the same type of service, when you use them they are very different. If you look at any forum discussing which is the better of the two, it seems that this is down to personal choice. Some users that have been using Twitch for a long time stick with it because it is familiar, while others have decided they should at least give Mixer a try. This has resulted in the number of viewers and players using Mixer growing at an amazing pace.

How many of those stay with Mixer and how many perhaps return to Twitch or go to one of the other streaming platforms remains to be seen.

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