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Mobius Final Fantasy Skillseeds Guide [Quick Tips!]

What are Skillseeds?

Skillseeds are elemental orbs used to upgrade your skill panel for your job. In MFF, you should start focusing on getting as many skillseeds you can every battle. In order to do this, you need to fuse lower level cards to increase the number of skillseeds you get per battle. There are currently 6 elemental skillseeds you can get in game and they are fire, water, earth, wind, light and dark.

Mobius FF Skillseeds

Uses of Skillseeds

Mobius FF Skill Panel

Skillseeds are mainly used to improve your skill panel for your class. All skills you learn from your skill panel either requires elemental skillseeds or bronze, silver or gold openers. The openers don’t come by often, so the easiest way to improve your character stats would be to use skillseeds to unlock them.  As you get to level 3+ skill panels, you will need a few thousand skillseeds to upgrade, which can take a while.

Therefore, it is vital you try to maximize your battles and earn as much as you can.

Each card you have will have different skillseeds it produce. Generally, a fire card will give you fire skillseeds and a water card will give you water ones. You can check what type of skillseeds a card provides by clicking on the card in the deck. Some cards give 2 elements.

A good portion of the cards you get will give you skillseeds of that element. However, there are some that give 2 element skill seeds. The primary skillseeds will be that element and the secondary skillseed gained will be of another random element.

Mobius FF Skillseed 2 Elements Shiva

For example, the 3 star Shiva card gives water and earth skillseeds. This will come in handy as you want to earn skillseeds of all elements while you are farming or battling in dungeons. A great combo for the mage class that gives all 6 elements are the following:

  • 3 Star Fire Belias – 4 base fire and 2 secondary water skillseeds
  • 3 Star Wind Cockatrice – 4 base wind and 2 secondary dark skillseeds
  • 3 Star Water Succubus – 4 base water and 2 secondary light skillseeds
  • 3 Star Support Yuna: FFX – 4 base earth and 2 secondary wind skillseeds

With this combo, you get all element types. Make sure to always mix and match to find out what kind of skillseeds you need the most for your class. Go to your skill panel to check out what elements you need and equip cards that give you the most of that element. I like the above setup because I get to keep fighting in campaign maps without dying. 

Upgrading Skillseeds

Mobius FF Skillseed Fusion

To upgrade skillseeds, you need to use the same element to improve your skillseed level. For each level you upgrade, you gain 2 extra skillseeds. There is a chance you will fail to upgrade it when you fuse same element cards, especially at higher levels. Try to use as many 1 to 2 star cards of the same element to fuse it. Each card’s star level determines how many levels you get.

  • 1 star card – 4 levels
  • 2 star card – 5 levels
  • 3 star card – 6 levels
  • 4 star card – 7 levels
  • 5 star card – 8 levels

As you get to higher levels, the chances of further upgrades using 1-2 star cards will diminish. Also, you can use cards that have the same skill to improve the level of the cards skill as well.

Difficulty Levels Matter

Mobius FF Skillseed 3 Star Multiple

As you fight higher level maps, you get a bonus multiple when earning skillseeds. For example, The regular green difficulty maps only gets you about a x1 multiple. A yellow (3 star) difficulty map gives you x1.5 multiple. An orange(4 star) difficulty map gives you x2 multiple.

So for example, if you fight a 3 star difficulty map, you will gain about x1.5 skillseeds. Also, a high battle score will further improve this ratio.

How to Increase Skillseeds You Earn

Here are a list of ways to increase the number of skillseeds you earn so you can quickly upgrade your skill panels and make your character stronger.

Use same element cards to improve skillseed level as mentioned above.

Fight higher difficulty maps to increase the multiple of the skillseeds gained after battle

Aim for a high battle score. Earning a million battle score will give you 6x skillseeds. You can do this by defeating enemies by deathblow before breaking. Fill your ultimate gauge first. Then use your support card prior to using your ultimate. Use your ultimate on monsters with low resistance (dust types) and you are set.

Jobs that have a strong ultimate with high break power (Samurai) will also improve your battle score and that means more skillseeds!

Also, mages can earn high battle scores since their magic power is high and potent. Check out this list:

  • Mage – Highest Magical Power is 609%
  • Black Mage – Highest Magical Power is 618%
  • Red Mage – Highest Magical Power is 772%
  • Scholar – Highest Magical Power is 533%
  • Thief – Highest Magical Power is 504%

Some support cards like the moogle will boose your magical power. Use that when your enemy’s shield is broken and you do a lot more damage. Since you do more damage, you also take less damage. Your score will also improve that way.

I suggest the following spots for earning high scores:

  • Chapter 1: Felfey Woods (Water Element)
  • Chapter 2: Fringe 2Lv (Wind Element)

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