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Mobius Final Fantasy Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Mobius Final Fantasy has finally arrived in the US! Learn some tips and tricks to help you get better at the game. We’ll cover element types, base jobs, ability tickets and more in this tips and tricks guide, sure to be your final fantasy.

Elements / Element Drives

With in Mobius Final Fantasy there are six elements- Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light and Darkness. These attributes are used when attacking or defending against enemies. Each time you attack you have the chance of generating an element type, which will then be usable by your Card of choice.

final fantasy mobius resistance

Additionally the Pink and Rainbow elements are used for support abilities, things like buffs and or healing. The total number of orbs you currently have is displayed across the top of the screen, but the abilities helpfully track them by type as well.

fireFire Resist
waterWater Resist
EarthEarth Resist
windWind Resist
LightLight Resist
darknessDarkness Resist
heartHp Recovery

Element Weakness


Job Hopping

There are quite a few jobs in the game, don’t limit yourself by not branching out and trying something new. Switching up jobs will help you find the best job for your play style. Below is a list of the current base Jobs available, the base starting jobs being Onion Knight, Neophyte Range and Apprentice Mage.

mobius jobs

Onion KnightJob type:WarriorOrbs: Fire / Water / Earth
Advancements:WarriorKnightDark Knight
Neophyte RangerJob type:RangerOrbs: Water / Wind/ Earth
Apprentice MageJob type:MageOrbs: Fire / Water / Wind
Advancements:MageWhite MageBlack Mage

Auto Play

If you’re tired of fighting through weak enemies or are just lazy in general you can get away with using the “Auto” feature. Using auto will take you through combat and allow you to clear quite a few stages. It’s not time efficient however, and is rather lackluster for boss battles. So you will probably want to turn it onto manually for these fights. There is also the arrow button which is used to double the speed of combat, use at your own discretion. 

Ability tickets

Ability tickets are the tickets that allow you to purchase cards or level your specific cards. The higher the rarity of a card, the more tickets usually required for the process. However you can only purchase cards you own or owned at some point of the game.

These are some of the ways tickets can be obtained while playing.

  • Through the chests on the maps
  • The Daily missions
  • P btained from getting a high ranking in Battle Tower events / Infinite Map
  • Card Summon Gacha Promotions -Selling cards that you received through Gacha banners or login Bonuses
  • From the Mobius Gift box thought you bought
  • Login Bonus( Rare chance)

How to level up my characters and cards quickly

Other than playing a lot, a good idea is to increase the difficulty level of the game. To do this go to the ETC menu then tap on config in the menu. Under that section you will find the battle difficulty section. Slide the bar over to Hard. Changing the difficulty level of the game will effect most of the maps. You can also use the fuse metal for exp.

You must Break them

You’ll want to focus on breaking your enemy as soon as possible, of course keep in mind the elemental types come into play here. You can use a strong elemental card against the enemy, even when they aren’t broken and still do massive damage. In a perfect scenario you will drop their Break gauge, just in time to use the elemental type card against them

Conserving Battery

To adjust these settings, go into the ETC, and then chose Config. Once in the Config menu, scroll to the second last section, Energy Consumption Mode!

mobius battery

The first option is for Frame Rate (FPS) and the second one is Resolution. The sliders can be set to Low , standard, or High. Its recommend that either sliders or both are set to Standard, which is the middle of the slider. so the battery drain won’t be as high. Or if you don’t care about graphics/fps just drop it down to low.

Then there is the option for Graphics Quality. This option will be made available upon the next time you start up the game since it requires additional data. You can also try lowering your devices screen brightness and closing any other apps in the background.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Use Your Ultimate Skill in the Break Phase for higher scores.
  • Don’t bind a google/facebook account or anything until you’re set with your jobs and don’t want to reroll/reinstall
  • Skill seeds you obtain from battle are directly influenced by the cards in your deck.
  • Make sure you connect to your wifi for Mobius Final Fantasy. This game has a very large download and it can take awhile on a slow mobile connection.
  • Try to balance out your deck so you can fight most every element type.
  • Focus on getting Cards at and above 3 stars, don’t waste resources on anything below that level.
  • Farm Giant Cactuars for fast experience for your cards.

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