Money ‘can’t buy happiness,’ says Ninja


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It can be easy to assume Ninja — one of the largest streamers on the planet — has a pretty awesome life. Maybe he does to some extent. With all of the fame and fortune, however, comes a whole lot of sacrifice. It’s the kind of thing you may not ever think about; the kind of reality you won’t ever have to confront unless you end up in a similar position. To hear Ninja talk about the downsides of having money, though — if you aren’t making big-time streamer cash, maybe you’ll be glad that isn’t the case after this.

Money 'can't buy happiness,' says Ninja

As Dexerto reports, Ninja recently did a Q&A with fans where he tackled some of their inquiries as best he could. One person asked the streamer “how it felt to be famous.” Ninja responded by putting the cold hard truth out there for everyone watching.

“Not good,” Ninja said. “Money’s great. But even then, money, like, it can’t buy happiness. It can buy things that maybe make you happy, but that stuff’s temporary.”

Ninja went on to talk about the struggles of having money, and the expectations people have for you as a result.

“If you have money,” Ninja continued, “90% of the time or more, you sacrifice a lot. Relationships. Family. Time. Love. Friendships. And then you have that money — guess what? Now you don’t know who to trust. You can’t trust anyone. Who’s your real friends? Who’s your real family?”

He said people ask him for money “all the time.” And if he doesn’t agree to it, “they make you feel like a piece of s—.”

Ninja reminded everyone that he’s grateful for where he is. That he knows he’s one of the lucky few who achieved what can only be described as superstardom via a platform that, not too long ago, would’ve been considered a very niche corner of the internet.

Still, you can’t help but feel for the guy. If nothing else, his words may have you second guessing whether you’re down for being insanely rich and known by everyone, or perhaps you’d be fine with quietly wealthy and not at all famous. The latter arrangement is my pick for sure.

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