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Welcome friends to another Monster Super League guide. Are you low on gold? Keep using all of it to evolve and awaken your Astromon? Well not a problem! I’m gonna give you some easy and efficient ways to farm gold to make your game time a little easier.

Monster Super League Gold Farming [Guide]
3Minor Boost to Crit2
4Moderate Boost to Crit5
One-Hit Wonder5Major Boost to Crit7
3Minor Boost to HP5
4Moderate Boost to HP7
HP Ultrabooster5Major Boost to HP12
Lupine Lunge3Minor Boost to Attack5
Mighty Lupine Lunge4Moderate Boost to Attack7
Ancient Lupine Lunge5Major Boost to Attack12
Dragon’s Blessing3Minor Boost to Defense5
Mighty Dragon’s Blessing4Moderate Boost to Defense7
Ancient Dragon’s Blessing5Major Boost to Defense12
Arcane Tracery3Minor Boost to S-Attack5
Mighty Arcane Tracery4Moderate Boost to S-Attack7
Ancient Arcane Tracery5Major Boost to S-Attack12
Protective Array3Minor Boost to S-Defense5
Mighty Protective Array4Moderate Boost to S-Defense7
Ancient Protective Array5Major Boost to S-Defense12
Speed Star Alpha3Minor Boost to Speed5
4Moderate Boost to Speed7
Speed Star Gamma5Major Boost to Speed12
3Minor Boost to Accuracy2
4Moderate Boost to Accuracy5
Ultra Radar Patch5Major Boost to Accuracy10
5Boost ?? to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost HP to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Attack to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Defense to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost S-Attack to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost S-Defense to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Speed to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Accuracy to Party members of the same Type as Leader13
4Boost Crit to Party members of the same Type as Leader10
4Increase Null resistance0
4Increase Fire resistance0
4Increase Water ResistanceIncrease Thunder Resistance0
4 Increase Nature Resistance0
4Increase Light Resistance0
4Increase Darkness Resistance0
4Increase resistance to Poison0
4Increase resistance to Confusion0
4Increase resistance to Paralyze0
4Increase resistance to Sleep0
4Increase resistance to Stun0
4Increase resistance to Skill-Seal0
4Increase resistance to Instant Death0
4Attack up when HP at 100%25
4Defense up when HP at 100%25
4S-Attack up when HP at 100%25
4S-Defense up when HP at 100%25
4Speed up when HP at 100%25
4Accuracy up when HP at 100%15
4Crit up when HP at 100%25
4Attack up when HP at 20% or less30
4Defense up when HP at 20% or less30
4S-Attack up when HP at 20% or less30
4S-Defense up when HP at 20% or less30
4Speed up when HP at 20% or less30
4Accuracy up when HP at 20% or less20
4Crit up when HP at 20% or less30

Astrogems for Gold

Okay, now I know what everyone’s first thought is when it comes to Astrogems. They’re important and need to be saved for Astromon summons.

That’s true, but not everyone that plays the game is specifically gunning for summons. Some people may just enjoy catching Astromon in the story mode and trying to get them to higher ranks and evolution’s before even touching the shop. That’s where Astrogems come in.


Using Astrogems you can buy gold within the game making the easiest way to get gold if you aren’t looking to put a lot of time into it. Below i’ll list the Astrogem to Gold comparison for you to see what your choices are.

50 AG = 50,000 G

100 AG = 100,000 + 5,000 G

300 AG = 300,000 + 30,000 G

500 AG = 500,000 + 75,000 G

1,000 AG = 1,000,000 + 200,000 G

So depending on your style of play you could gather all the Astrogems you want and use them on gold. Few purchases and you’ll have more than enough to put into your Astromon.


Sparkle Trees for Gold

So i’m sure you’ve seen the sparkling trees sitting on the airship every so often when you go to it. Those trees give you things if you tap them enough.


Each tap gives 100 gold and then you get a reward afterwards. Could be fruit or it could be a low level stone. But it can also be gold.

Usually around 1,000 gold but that’s  1,000 almost every time the sparkles are free. No hard work needed except a little finger work out.


Quests and Missions for Gold

Our next stop is the Quests screen.


Here you have five tabs of side things you can do in order to gain rewards. From catching a certain kind of Astromon to simply feeding one fruit five times a day.

Through out each tab there are objectives that give you gold as reward. Anywhere from 1,000 to even 150,000 gold can be gotten at a time depending on which ones you complete.

Do them all and the amount of gold you get from them will definitely add up. No harm in a little work kiddies.

Speaking of work, let’s not forget about Missions!


Missions are something you’re probably going to be doing anyways for the extra Astrogems and the free Astromon. But they also give gold out too.

Though not as frequent as Quests, Missions still give gold every new section you start so it’s worth doing it just to add that little chunk to your already growing pile.

Levels for Gold

Now this next one is super easy and requires you to do the one thing you’ll be doing anyways in Monster Super League. Play the game.


In the special package area there is a tab labeled Level-up Package. In this tab is a list of gold amounts given out every time you hit a certain level.

So just by obtaining the level quota you’re rewarded with a nice little chunk of gold. And once you reach higher levels the amount you get increase as well.

The first few rewards give you 50,00 gold but once you hit level 50 you get a free 400,000 gold just for getting there. So work on those levels, it’s not just your Astromon that need them.

Gems for Gold

Another simple way to obtain gold is through Gems. Though important to buff up your Astromon’s stats you can sell any unwanted Gems you don’t plan on using.


Just go into the gem equipment screen and pick one. Then just hit sell and boom, you’ve got yourself some gold.

And like everything else in Monster Super League the higher the rank the more the reward. One star gems sell for 1,000 gold and it goes up in price from there.


Story for Gold

So now we reach the Story mode of the game. This is probably going to be everyone’s main income of getting gold while playing.


In each story mission you get gold simply by completing the level with out failing. Win all the rounds and have at least one Astromon survive and you’ll be given a small amount of gold with the rest of your rewards.

The amount you get seems small but for how often you’ll be playing levels in story mode the more that’s going to stack up. But the increase in gold changes depending on the area and the difficulty

Playing earlier stages like Phantom Forest probably get you around 200 gold per stage. Where as later ones like Pagos Coast give about 900 gold per stage.

But the further you get in game you’ll eventually unlock the ability to play through the areas on Hard and Extreme difficulties. Doing that also increases the gold amount.

So just go through story and enjoy it. Level up your Astromons and before you know it you’ll have more gold than you even realized.


Dungeons for Gold

Our last stop on the gold collecting frontier is self explanatory and honestly pretty fun to do. Once you’ve beaten the first few story areas you’re able to start going through Dungeons.


There are several different types of dungeons, most of them used to get Starstones to ascend your Astromon. But there is one dungeon specifically designed for getting gold. It’s the Gold Dungeon. Told you it was self explanatory.

In the Gold Dungeon you go through different floors fighting waves of Astromon and a boss on each one. Make it through the floor and get the gold reward.

The further you get into the dungeon determines  how much gold you’ll be making. There are nine floors that go from giving you 5,000 gold to 10,00.

And the best part is that there’s no limit to how many times you can do a floor. As long as you’ve got the energy required to play the stage you can keep doing it over and over again.

So say your Astromon are strong enough to get you through the first three floors but not strong enough for the fourth one. Keep playing the first three to gather gold and level up then tackle that fourth floor again.

The Gold Dungeon is like story mode. Play the game and collect gold, in my opinion it’s best method out there.



So there you have it folks! Some of the easiest ways of getting gold in Monster Super League.

I personally say start off in Story and just play through it until you just can’t stand it anymore. Once you reach that point you should have more than enough good level Astromon to go into the Gold Dungeon. And also some Astrogems to spare if you want to use them for Gold.

Good luck everyone, until next time!

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