Monument to Lost Lights in Destiny 2 explained


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If you’re a new Destiny 2 player, you’ve likely missed a lot of content from earlier seasons. Loads of Exotic quests, for example, are no longer present in the game because the planets they took place on have disappeared. How do you get yourself some of this gear, then? How do you make sure older players don’t have a huge advantage over you? You use the Monument to Lost Lights in Destiny 2.

Monument to Lost Lights in Destiny 2 explained

What is the Monument to Lost Lights, you ask? Think of it like a retro game store. You can’t get these products the way you used to. You can, however, visit this specialized store and shop to your heart’s content. The Monument to Lost Lights is like that for Destiny 2 gear. Those older quests may be gone, or the season you could’ve earned a particular Exotic weapon may have passed, but the Monument to Lost Lights has it in stock. All you need is the right kind of money.

For some items, the Monument accepts an Exotic Cipher, along with a handful of Glimmer, some Planetary Materials, and Ascendant Shards. For others — the kind you might’ve earned in a Raid that has been removed, for instance — you may also need a type of currency called Spoils of Conquest.

The Monument isn’t just limited to Exotic items, however. You can also get your hands on some of the Legendary “Ritual” weapons that have shown up in past Seasons. All of these are now retired and can’t be infused (brought up to your current Power Level). But you can still use them in regular Crucible and Gambit if you so choose, as those activities don’t take Power Level into consideration.

And that, folks, is how the Monument to Lost Lights works. If you’re after one of those must have guns from a prior Season (like Anarchy, for example), the Monument is where you to go get it. Again, just be sure you have the type of currency a particular weapon requires. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to go out and earn it.

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