Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide Updated



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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide Updated

Here is the latest and updated version of MGG breeding guide. I will explain some symbols used in the chart.

  • N = Normal mutants that you can get from breeding or buying from the shop
  • R = Rare mutants that sometimes requires specific mutants to get it
  • S = Special mutants from events, reactor mutants or special holidays
  • U = Unique mutants that have AoE attacks on their second skill
  • L = Legendary mutants. They have 10% bonus stats compared to normal and rare mutants. Always get them whenever you can.

Also, there is platinum star now which gives 100% bonus stats from a gold mutant. However, not all mutants can be turned into platinum just yet. Bronze, Silver and Gold star remains the same at 10%, 30% and 75% bonus stats respectively.

Team 1Bonus 1Team 2Bonus 2
Sharpshooters – Punisher, Bullseye, Hawkeye Attack Speed +4.9%
Critical Rate +5.0%
Critical Damage +4.5%
Two Eyes – Bullseye, HawkeyeDefense Penetration +4.9%
Critical Damage +4.7%
Captain’s Crew – Captain America, Falcon, Winter SoldierMax HP +4.4%
All Defense +4.8%
All Attack +5.5%
Fellowship – Captain America, Winter SoldierCritical Rate 4.9%
Critical Damage 4.9%
Desperate Man and Lovers – Black Widow, Daredevil, ElektraCritical Rate +4.6%
Critical Damage +4.3%
Dodge +4.7%
Memories of Columbia – Daredevil, ElektraMax HP 5.5%
Defense Penetration 5.2%
Fighters of the Galaxy – Drax, Gamora, AngelaAll Attack 4.9%
Movement Speed 4.4%
Critical Rate 5.0%
Deadly Duo – Gamora, AngelaCritical Damage 5.2%
Attack Speed 5.2%
Blunt Force: Hulk, Hulkbuster, ThorAll Attack +6.1%
Attack Speed +4.9%
Defense Penetration +5.2%
Supreme Clash: Hulk, HulkbusterAll Attack +5.5%
Defense Penetration +4.7%
Hello Hell’s Kitchen – Iron Fist, Luke Cage, DaredevilAll Attack +5.0%
Critical Rate +4.6%
Attack Speed +4.3%
Power of the Fist – Iron Fist, Luke CageCooldown Time ↓4.5%
Defense Penetration +4.2%
Critical Rate +4.3%
Iron Mania – Hulkbuster, Iron Man, War MachineCritical Rate +4.9%
All Defense +5.5%
All Attack +5.5%
Tony’s Toys – Iron Man, War MachineAttack Speed +4.2%
Movement Speed + 4.3%
Unite Under the Tree of Life: Malekith, Loki, ThorAll Attack +5.4%
Max HP +5.5%
Dodge +4.4%
Band of Brothers: Loki, ThorAttack Speed +4.4%
Move Speed +4.2%
Siblings of Asgard: Angela, Loki, ThorCritical Damage +4.8%
Defense Penetration +4.5%
Crowd Control Time ↓4.8%
Band of Brothers: Loki, ThorAttack Speed +4.4%
Move Speed +4.2%
Blue Men Group: Nebula, Yondu, RonanAll Attack 4.9%
Dodge 5.0%
Attack Speed 4.8%
Galactic Judgement: Nebula, RonanAll Attack 4.9%
Movement Speed 4.6%
Gun Lovers: Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon, PunisherAttack Speed 4.9%
Critical Damage 4.9%
Defense Penetration 5.1%
I love the Smell of Gun Powder: Rocket Racoon, PunisherAttack Speed 5.0%
Max HP 5.5%
Enemies of Kingpin: Punisher, Daredevil, Spider-ManAll Defense +4.8%
Max HP +5.4%
Defense Penetration +4.3%
Misfortune of Fate: Daredevil, Spider-ManCritical Rate +4.8%
Dodge +4.6%
Critical Damage +4.4%
Journalistic Integrity: Venom, Spider-Man, Captain MarvelAll Attack +5.0%
Attack Speed +4.9%
Max HP +5.2%
Symbiote Shock: Venom, Spider-ManAll Attack +5.5%
Attack Speed +5.0%
Critical Rate +4.2%
Attack on Ultron: Thor, Vision, Iron ManAll Attack +5.2%
Critical Rate +4.9%
Defense Penetration +5.1%
Worthy Ones: Thor, VisionCritical Rate +4.7%
Cooldown Time -5.2%

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