New Game Plus Announced for God of War Ragnarok


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God of War Ragnarok may not be getting DLC anytime soon, but there is an update that fans will be relieved to get next year just in case they want to revisit the whole story without any of the limitations.

New Game Plus Announced for God of War Ragnarok

As per the official announcement from Santa Monica Studios, New Game Plus will be coming to God of War Ragnarok around the spring of 2023. Here’s the post:

Granted that a lot of the Ragnarok narrative is dependent on Kratos and Atreus acquiring gear to traverse specific areas of a map, I’m guessing the game is going to actively block areas that can’t be accessed unless the player has unlocked the weapon in the story; when it comes to combat though, I think the combat is going to be less limited.

 It’s going to be fun chucking spears at Thor during the first battle when originally all Kratos had was the Leviathan Axe.

Ragnarok may not have won Game of the Year at the Game Awards, but the game is still pretty celebrated across the gaming community, with accolades for story and solid performances from the actors. We don’t know where the franchise will go next, but I am guessing we could have an Atreus-centric game, now that he’s on his journey, and it seems that the game has finally put a bookend on Kratos’ story.

God of War Ragnarok is now playable for PlayStation 4|5.

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