New Gameplay Footage for Spider-Man 2 Reveals Kraven, the Symbiote Suit, and More


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As promised, the PlayStation Showcase has given us a new look at Insomniac Games’ highly anticipated Spider-Man 2. While they didn’t give us the full story, we look at many of the hyped things for the game, including Kraven the Hunter and the black symbiote suit.

New Gameplay Footage for Spider-Man 2 Reveals Kraven, the Symbiote Suit, and More

Check this out:

Kraven’s Hunters are pursuing Dr. Curt Connors, AKA The Lizard, and Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, need to stop them.

Though the clip promises just gameplay, we also have a lot of significant story beats revealed, including the introduction of Kraven the Hunter. Though many people thought the first character we meet was an updated 2020s Kraven, it was a surprise to see they’re keeping to the classic character version, complete with a fur vest.

As far as the look of the suit, they’ve made sure to add some variations to its overall appearance from the original comic version, with some parts having a texture and several ‘pieces’ to it. No doubt, the most buzzed-about element of the trailer was the black suit Spider-Man. We don’t know how Peter gets his hands on the symbiote in this canon, but we can see that he’s more aggravated than usual.

We also get a glimpse of the Lizard in the game, and he looks huge compared to previous iterations. We don’t know how he factors into the story, but it looks like Peter and Miles are on a mission to save Dr. Connors, and the Lizard is just an unfortunate side effect of his condition.

Watch out for Spider-Man 2 when it launches exclusively on the PS5 this fall.

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