How to Get Behind the Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap


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New Pokemon Snap’s central theme isn’t the same as the mainline Pokemon games. Instead of catching them all, you take pictures of Pokemon while traveling in the Lental Region. Among the many islands of this region is a waterfall, and it’s not straightforward to navigate.

How to Get Behind the Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap

A Liepard guards this secret path behind a waterfall, and you’ll have to scare it away. You’ll need to have good timing and some items, but there are Pokemon on the path. If you’re a completionist, you must get behind the waterfall, and we’ll tell you how.

What You Need

Other than good timing, it would help if you had the following items or actions:

  • Illumina Orbs
  • Fluffruit
  • Melody

The first item is used for daytime excursions, and you only need the Fluffruit to unlock the secret path at night. Pick your time of day and bring the related item.

No matter what, you’ll need to learn how to play a Melody to get the Liepard moving, though.

Unlocking the Path in the Day

Reaching Founja Jungle (Day) trip Research Level 3 is imperative to unlock the path by day. If not, you can follow the steps and still fail.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Move to the Toucannon nests and look to the right.
    0 3 screenshot 3
  2. You’ll notice a Liepard jump onto a rock near the waterfall.
    0 20 screenshot
  3. Throw some Illumina Orbs at the Liepard before it can fall asleep.
    0 22 screenshot
  4. Play a Melody at the same time.
    0 25 screenshot 3
  5. If the Liepard runs away, you can scan the area.
  6. The scan should reveal a new path, and you can then take it to head down the optional route.
    0 34 screenshot
  7. Here’s what happens if you unlock the way at night.

Heading Behind the Waterfall at Night

Unlike the daylight unlocking process, you only need to reach Research Level 2 in Founja Jungle (Night). This option is much easier, so go for the night route if you want to proceed quickly. In addition, you can fail during the day, which rarely happens at night.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Head near the Toucannon nests and turn right.
    0 0 screenshot
  2. Chase the Liepard as it jumps on top of the rock close to the waterfall.
  3. Throw Fluffruit at the Liepard.
    0 31 screenshot 1
  4. Play a Melody to ensure it leaves.
    0 35 screenshot 2
  5. Scan the area to reveal the hidden path.
    0 44 screenshot
  6. Proceed behind the waterfall.

If you fail to activate the prompt for both modes, you’ll have to try again and make sure the prompt appears. It’s better to press “R” and scan, as it makes the hidden route notification pop up.

I Never Noticed!

The secret path behind the waterfall isn’t apparent to first-time players or even those who reach higher research levels. Nevertheless, scaring the Liepard away before it rests is the only way to access the path and get those missing snaps.

Did you manage to get behind the waterfall early? What other secrets do you know about in New Pokemon Snap? Let us know in the comments section.


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