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In Nioh 2, players get to choose their character’s appearance and gender as they see fit. However, the developers have also enabled character creation codes. These codes are easy ways to replicate hours of character customization instantly.

If you’re looking into playing Nioh 2 and wish to slot your favorite character into the game, you’re in luck. Due to nearly unlimited possibilities, we can only include some popular codes. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Character Codes in Nioh 2

These characters can be from other video game franchises or even real people. As Nioh 2’s character creation engine is immensely flexible, players can even modify many features such as skin color or hair. Remember that the codes only work on the platform they were generated on, whether it’s PS4 or PC.

In this case, if we don’t mention otherwise, the codes are made on PS4s. Thus, PC players will have to find different codes, even if it’s the same character.

There are many different characters from different video game series; we’ll try to group those from the same series in one place. If a series doesn’t have many representatives on this list or has an outlier character, you can find it under different headings.


There seems to be a major obsession in the Nioh 2 player base for Naruto characters. Out of many game franchises in our list, Naruto characters have the most representatives.

The codes are mostly for main characters, which isn’t surprising given how many people like them. If you’re looking to play as a Naruto character, feel free to try these codes.

  • Naruto: 8rrMtLqDXk=WT
  • Sage Mode Naturo: bg5g?SG?XSUYA
  • Demon Rage Naruto: 8gt?%tZG$3a4U
  • Naruto Sexy-no-jutsu: YatA4VUF%zu%4
  • Hinata: zRRrW2apR$v6W
  • Byakugan Hinata: VofNpsPDATgNX
  • Adult Sasuke: 9bw=fe38rK+Pb
  • Itachi: [email protected]
  • Kisame: @KT3g3Ncj$25q
  • Obito: @[email protected]&D
  • Tendo Pain: V5C==ExFg?6P3
  • Hinata for PC: S-$JJu4GXh3JFLi
  • Orochimaru: ooEzgmSKbi&ME

World of Warcraft

There are also a few WoW characters on our list. Fans of World of Warcraft may find it entertaining to have these character codes used when creating their avatar.

  • Half-orc (Region 1): B9VGiKkocdQFz
  • Half-orc (Region 2): [email protected]?HT
  • Half-orc (Region 3): y9Pok44c6%nik
  • Half-orc (Region 4): BQT52sUi6Muk4
  • Half-orc (Region 5): o6pFvtJoRLPf5
  • Half-orc (Region 6): [email protected]
  • Half-orc (Region 7): Gs7VRUwFyTgM7
  • Half-orc (Post-Game): oDn4=L9ii$r$8
  • Voidlust: kpGZkN7eR5YL2

Original Designs

Several codes here are original designs that don’t belong to a video game, anime, or different form of media. A few of these characters were even winners for a Nioh 2 design contest.

  • Fextralife: j9Le8%BKiowDA
  • Male Samurai: &[email protected]
  • Ruder: sEdfdDQ4TWxFS
  • CHANO: PmGsgN8hsvMU5
  • Juny Ymmt: 47UL&djEh%MFB
  • Siutyler: Y9wX28qdP9ugB
  • Oni: S-M3EouYAFkLka4 (PC only)
  • Fujiko Fujimino: UHm36$K+QX29i
  • Bo Diaz: 8q5u$rWX9Udji
  • Koma-p Tenzen: Fzor9q5yr&uBA
  • Jesse Black: ep8Kie+uWCMeF
  • Character MINK: dQefPUwGMVkKA
  • Onmyo-hime: gE6FQ?%[email protected]
  • Samurai General: VYv+TYDaosPzz
  • Nekomata: an9f3snD76cmV
  • Merai Sashou: [email protected]
  • Shuya Hima: %9rMTTBmYQs6T
  • Maki Shouga: 5+7TdUXh9NSak


The popular web series RWBY also has four character codes in Nioh 2.

  • Tifa Lockheart: S-k6K6P5QrHJ2b6
  • Yang: S-Jn&rbrmx33QYk
  • Nora: S-EfRKPhb7JDhPo
  • Blake: S-qkCkchZPeSuVT

Anime Characters

Anime has a huge fanbase, and a majority of people who watch anime also play video games. You can expect plenty of other anime characters on our list. Due to how many series are represented, we decided to gather them under this section for convenience.

  • Guts: t8Yuvh4Z?Dcna
  • Alita Battle Angel “Gunnm”: [email protected]%UxsBi
  • Kenshin Himura: [email protected]
  • Zero Two: $c?$QQcWhytam
  • Tanjiro Kamado: bhoAXo85sMKR9
  • Yato: i$$HWoD4a&Vw4
  • Miruko (Boku no Hero Academia): [email protected]
  • Yeon Ehwa: iXGTr3vxhU2C8
  • Koon Eduan: [email protected]?MSdm?7
  • Hwa Ryun: [email protected]$ZTCZ?
  • Baam/Viole: K4pR9G4?YV6Za
  • Genos (One Punch Man): Nkh8pE3z?MPWz
  • Shiro (Dead Man Wonderland): ha7NJy2ncHJRz
  • Kouchou Shinobu: r58reLH8uLbQB

Other Video Game Characters

In this section, you’ll find characters from various series. They can be famous or obscure games. Either way, feel free to see which one piques your interest.

  • Ciri: @p4P8y=y=DdaB
  • Jin (ghost of tsushima)
  • 2B: &pQU4REQuYwuz
  • Joker: 2z&mhcNqYxeZS
  • Ahri: UEqihindXngGz
  • Different Ciri: BNW4SWm?Ahi%z
  • Okita Souji (Fate/Grand Order): S-Nnguj8W%NcdbA
  • Solid Snake: icVfiLis8f3&i
  • Sekiro: %gNw9duMNSYNz
  • Geralt of Rivia: ttchNzyz7?PBS
  • Nariko: [email protected]
  • Kratos: DhuHuvkzm?z?F
  • Majutsu: iN92FF478vUCz
  • Maka: B&$+eeGzb+ioU
  • Female Byleth: ySQw%sCMSk8H3
  • Yukimura Sanada: [email protected]
  • Io (Code Vein): quhU%+NVw5Dj6
  • Jetstream Sam: Ex2n627uoT48z
  • Sephiroth (FF7R): tLkrFQ3BNpK7S
  • Miraida: YnfhRHmEK8Xz
  • Sun Wukong: &hHryt+GNY9YW
  • Yuki: S-JtUgj7X4kkPn2 (PC only)
  • Sindel (MK11): S-nxiH332V4JvvB (PC only)
  • Undyne (Undertale): S-vcNxdPDJDK7KB (PC only)
  • Goro Majima (Yakuza): JAUYcU+ibfz=I (PC only)
  • Darlyth: =CiqQVfHe+=Nz
  • Hide Shepard: FiiPbWmtxWqZz
  • Lady Maria: pL3suN7Rjf6x2
  • Uhtred of Bebbanburg: sNn8jRk4RfrKC
  • Sun Wukong for PC: S-k5caSG88DuK6D

Movies and TV Series

A few names here in our list are from the big screen or a popular series. Star Wars and Avatar: The Last Airbender are only two names.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi: 3EJ7nfdDzKqrS
  • Azula: og4yvrDwMjoaU
  • Zuko: G5jRgzYJELVsV

Real People

If you’re curious whether gamers have replicated celebrities in Nioh 2, you might be surprised. There aren’t many codes, but we have Billie Eilish and Danny Trejo.

  • Danny Trejo: S-BJxxVs7YCcXui (PC only)
  • Billie Eilish (yes, the popular singer): E7TYCSVot$uc3

Easy Character Replication

With these character creation codes, anyone can load them into Nioh 2 and play as their favorite protagonist or sidekick. There are many more codes out there as the community spends time rendering their beloved characters in the game. If none of the characters you want are here, you can always find other codes or create them from scratch.

Do you use any codes during character creation in Nioh 2? What do you think about the codes being non-cross-platform? Let us know in the comments section below.

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