No, Bloodborne isn’t Getting a Remaster


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After the massive success of Elden Ring, fans are curious what From Software is going to do next; so you can imagine the frenzy that fans cooked up when a tweet about a Bloodborne remaster came out. As it turns out, that post was just a bunch of baloney.

No, Bloodborne isn’t Getting a Remaster

According to ComicBook, a Twitter account impersonating gaming tweeter @Nibellion had posted this fake news online:

The tweet had managed to gain a lot of attention and had gotten thousands of likes and shares. Upon closer inspection of the link though, you’ll see there’s no mention of a Bloodborne remaster at all.

I guess it doesn’t have to be April for other people to pull pranks online. If anything, it looks like a lot of fans had a hoot out of the joke, and he tweet even got the attention of the original account that it was impersonating:

For now, we don’t have any official news on a Bloodborne update, but if the fake tweet was able to get this much attention, this should be worth looking into by the studio. With Elden Ring being considered to be a great entry point into the Soulslike genre, maybe more fans will be looking to get access to some updated, classic Soulslike games.

At least, that’s my guess. In the meantime, they can just play the original Bloodborne or the current-gen Soulslike, Elden Ring.

Bloodborne is now playable for PlayStation 4.

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