Online Shooter Drawn To Death Will Be Free For PS Plus Members In April


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There’s an early treat for PS Plus members on the PlayStation blog today, as David Jaffe has announced that his crazy online shooter Drawn to Death will be a free PS Plus game as of April 4th. The third person shooter/brawler hybrid takes place entirely within the pages of a high school kid’s notebook, providing a visually unique and totally over-the-top competitive online experience. You can check out the first inside look video in our announcement article here.
As well as the awesome announcement that Drawn to Death will be free for PS Plus members, the Game Director at the wonderfully named developer The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, shared some further details about the upcoming game. We already know that the game is designed for four player versus matches but Jaffe’s comments shed some light on just what players will be getting up to at launch. Sphinx Missions will have players solving ‘battle focused riddles’ as a way to unlock new levels and weapons. Character-centric Missions will be available for each of the six launch characters, with fifteen missions per character to unlock special taunts and costumes. Master them all to take a shot at the ‘Volcano God.’

The game will also feature a ranked tower mode from launch. Players who play in ranked mode will get the chance to climb the ‘Dark Fairy Tale-themed’ tower and earn stickers for each floor reached. Who doesn’t like stickers? That’s not all, for every 150 kills on the battlefield players will earn themselves a ‘mystery box’ these gory goody-bags are filled with character taunts and skins. The last feature described by Jaffe was a little more mysterious, so we’ll just provide the quote and let your imagination get to work,

Online Shooter Drawn To Death Will Be Free For PS Plus Members In April

“Insane Mystery Special Offer: I’m not at liberty to go into detail or spoil the surprise but let me just say this: Destroy my enemies and my life… is yours!”

We’re hoping the developer will go all ‘John Romero‘ and we’ll find a David Jaffe head hidden in the final pages of the notebook but, of course, this remains baseless speculation for now.
 If that’s not enough to convince you to check out this game, there’s also a live stream going on at 3pm PST today, here on Twitch. Jaffe and the crew at Bartlett Jones will be showing off some of the new features and taking questions from fans.
Drawn to Death will release for PS4 on April 4th, free to play for PS Plus members! Let us know if you plan to check out the game down in the comments.  

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