How To Play Cassidy in Overwatch 2


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Learn how to play Cassidy in Overwatch 2!

How To Play Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Cole Cassidy (formerly known as McCree) was an original hero from the first Overwatch. While his kit has undergone some changes, he’s still considered one of the most solid heroes in the game.

While it’s easy to pick up on Cassidy, many players find him hard to master. This is because his skills need a very high skill level. Still, with enough practice, you can make yourself an effective Cassidy for any team composition.

Who is Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Originally introduced to Overwatch players as Jesse McCree, Cassidy is the game’s resident gunslinger based on the classic cowboy archetype. He wields a classic revolver, packs quite the punch, wears a cowboy hat, and smokes a cigar.

Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Cassidy was a member of the Deadlock Gang with Ashe before getting busted by Overwatch. Still, instead of going to prison, he accepted a deal to join Blackwatch by Gabriel Reyes (a.k.a. Reaper). After Overwatch fell, Cassidy ended up being an outlaw. Somehow, he found his way back to Overwatch, being the one to rescue Echo.

The name change from McCree to Cassidy has more to do with the fact that the developer McCree was based on getting into legal trouble for sexual misconduct. Still, the team wrote into his lore that McCree’s original name is Cole Cassidy. He started using the name again to show he was standing up for what was right again.

Cassidy firing his gun in Overwatch 2

What Are Cassidy’s Skills in Overwatch 2

Cassidy is not the most agile hero but makes up for it by being a solid DPS. His Peacekeeper manages to deal very high damage to nearby targets, and his secondary fire, though inaccurate, can cause a lot of hurt to any enemy too close for comfort.

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As far as mobility goes, Cassidy does have a combat roll that also reloads his gun. He also has a magnetic grenade that slows down and hinders enemies for a split second.

When it comes to his ultimate, High Noon allows Cassidy to target multiple enemies at once. He can take them all out in a second with the right timing.

Cassidy pointing his gun at an opponent in Overwatch 2

Time to Duel

Though Cassidy can reach far targets, he’s best kept in the middle range since his damage is reduced when the enemy is pretty far. That being said, his abilities make him a very capable duelist, beating out almost any hero at 1v1.

Ensure he’s kept at middle range and uses his mag-grenade well. It should also be worth noting that anyone who uses him must have impeccable aim.

Every Bullet Counts

Since Cassidy only has six rounds in his revolver before he reloads again, many players suggest being very careful with their weapons and ensuring every bullet counts. Sure, Cassidy deals a lot of damage, but having to reload suddenly could mean the difference between eliminating or allowing someone to escape.

It’s also important not to forget that your combat role immediately reloads the gun, so you can use that to reposition and maybe fan the hammer if a tank gets too close.

A first-person pov of Cassidy in Overwatch 2

“It’s High Noon”

Cassidy’s Ultimate is pretty tricky to master because some of its mechanics can’t be understood when it’s first used. It targets everyone in Cassidy’s line of sight, but there are also red targets that go over everyone’s heads and keep changing in size.

The target’s size indicates the damage that could be dealt to an enemy, and the smaller the target, the less damage. When the target is fully sized, you can expect a solid kill.

The key to this ultimate is positioning. Pro Cassidy players make sure to trigger this where the enemy can’t easily spot them, and they usually do it on high ground to get a good look at the whole terrain. Be careful, though, because it’s easy to stun or take out Cassidy while he’s aiming, and waiting too long also cancels the ultimate, and no damage will be dealt.

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