Party Animals release date: 2022


Shawn Farner

Writer and Storywriter


If there are two games that have really blown up in the past few years, they are 1) battle royale games, and 2) titles that have outrageous physics. Fall Guys was the first to try and smash those ideas together in a sort of Wipeout game show format. Now Party Animals is coming to bring it back to combat. We got our first look at this title during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase during E3 2021. Here’s what we know about a Party Animals release date, along with some footage of the game and some other details we have on it.

Party Animals release date: 2022

The Party Animals release date is a vague 2022

party animals release date shot

Party Animals comes from developer Recreate Games and publisher Source Technology. Oddly, the trailer for the game was missing those details entirely. Do you know what else it was missing? A more exact release date! As it stands, all we know about that at the moment is that Party Animals will arrive sometime in 2022. It could be early on in the year. It could be later. We have no idea when it’ll drop. All we can hope is that more news is shared on that front in the months ahead.

Fortunately, when it does arrive, those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass won’t have to pay extra to play it. It’ll be part of the subscription on day one, which is pretty awesome.

This one is definitely on my radar

I’m the kind of person that, if Fall Guys were available on Xbox, could envision myself getting deeply addicted to that game. I could see the same thing happening with Party Animals, where players are not only battling against each other, but are also having to put up with very unpredictable physics.

I imagine it would be a lot easier to swallow that L when it comes because the swipe of an octopus tentacle sent you flying off the map. The randomness of every match could make it so that, no matter who wins, everyone at least had a fun experience. That’s what it should be all about at the end of the day. Maybe games like Party Animals are here to remind us of exactly that.

At any rate, we’ll have our eyes peeled for any news about a more specific Party Animals release date. As soon as something solid drops, we’ll be sure to update this page and let you know.

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