PlayStation: The Flash Torments the Suicide Squad in Short Clip for State of Play


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Sony may not be coming for E3 this year, but we are getting some big reveals for PlayStation thanks to State of Play. Just in, we have an announcement for the broadcast, and we have a short clip from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League where the Flash torments the Squad.

PlayStation: The Flash Torments the Suicide Squad in Short Clip for State of Play

Check this out:

The whole State of Play is said to have 45 minutes of content, but when it comes to the Suicide Squad game, we should get over 15 minutes of coverage from gameplay to characters.

If anything, a lot of DC fans have been waiting a long while for this Suicide Squad game to come out. Though this game had been announced way back in 2020, gamers have been wondering about the next project from Rocksteady since Arkham Knight came out back in 2015. e

With the game possibly showing the Squad killing off the Justice League, I think it’s safe to assume that the KTJL is going to be taking place in an alternate timeline from the Arkham trilogy. I guess it’s also worth noting that this game would have been Kevin Conroy’s final performance as Batman, after the actor died last November.

Though Suicide Squad may be the spotlight of the upcoming State of Play, hopefully we get a look at other highly-anticipated PlayStation exclusives. I’m sure a lot of fans would like an update on Spider-Man 2, but there is also the hype surrounding the release of the next mainline Final Fantasy title.

Watch out for State of Play at 1:00 p.m. (PT)|4:00 p.m. (ET)|22:00 (CET) on Thursday, Feb. 23.

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