Preview for The Last of Us Episode 4 Teases The Hunters


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The latest episode of The Last of Us gave our standalone episode with Nick Offerman’s Bill, and though they decided to change his story for the series, it looks like the next episode is going to be featuring a new antagonist from the game.

Preview for The Last of Us Episode 4 Teases The Hunters

Check out the Hunters in the preview for The Last of Us episode 4:

Though the Hunters are generally a group that likes to loot from anyone they can, it seems that this group is going to have a leader in the form of Melanie Lynsky. Her character in an original one made for the show, and it’s possible that she could have an idea of where Joel’s brother Tommy is.

We don’t know how long this arc with the Hunters is going to take, but I’m hopeful to get more insight on their method of survival, since we just spent the game running away from their murder truck. It’s also great to see some camping with Joel and Ellie, and they even snuck in Joel’s love for coffee which was teased in the games.

I have to say, the last episode has got to be one of the biggest departures from the game, and it was a delightful surprise. While game players would have expected Bill to survive to meet Joel and Ellie, instead we have a very intimate love story for him and Frank; and Joel and Ellie still walk away with the same thing from the game—a car and some supplies.

We don’t what other changes could be in store for the series, but it’s great to find yourself in the edge of your seat, even if you’ve played the game more than once.

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