Project Cars 3 Furloughs the Pit Crews Permanently Despite Sim Description


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Project Cars 3 is having a bit of an identity crisis, by the sounds of it. Either that or I’ve completely misinterpreted the word simulation. That’s because Slightly Mad Studios have announced they’re getting rid of pit stops completely – and in doing so, are living up to their studio’s name.
Apparently, it will result in even closer racing. Just like removing the engine would…

Project Cars 3 Furloughs the Pit Crews Permanently Despite Sim Description
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This news follows the very unexpected and hasty announcement that took everyone by surprise. But does little to alleviate the nerves resulting from its launch. In fact, getting rid of tyre wear and fuel usage completely does make this an arcade title, no matter what they say. And no amount of marketing or repetition will change that. They did say at the start this game would be a world away from those that have come previously, but I doubt anyone saw this coming.
Despite the contradiction, the team assure us that Project Cars 3 is still a simulation racing game. A term I’d usually reserve of those that recreate the real world, rubber marbles and all. But that Slightly Mad Studios are obviously redefining. And they also explain that decision as being the result of wanting to create an even more competitive environment, writing:

“So, for example, by removing tyre wear and fuel usage, we could in turn remove pitstops, which resulted in much closer and more consistent racing. Thus, the whole process of getting to the part that matters most—the actual racing and driving of these amazing cars and their upgrades—became a far easier and more streamlined affair.”

However, to me, that sounds more like a money saving strategy than anything. And does little to excite me about the game. In fact, I’m expecting an absolutely polished racing experience now – out on the track – something they’ve failed to provide previously. The other “reason” was quoted as

“It’s not about a huge sweeping change to the overall game, it’s more about keeping what was there for the people who loved it and helping more people along the way make those steps into sim racing.”

Now, I’m a big motorsport fan: I have the wheel, shifter, seat, handbrake and shelf full of game. And I’m far from great at it, though am no longer a newcomer. However, you only get better by actually putting in the laps. And in the racing world – both virtual and real – that involves managing your tyre usage by improving braking technique and keeping temperatures optimum, and balancing your fuel consumption by twiddling with engine modes and maintaining your optimum lap times. Not to mention, timing your pit stops just right to gain an advantage (or throw away the race by choosing the soft tyres one lap before the rain sets in…).
It does not come from removing those features all together, especially as all other competitive games still require you to master them.
Needless to say, I remain even more unconvinced. But what about you?
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