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In Project Zomboid, players try to survive while navigating a world filled with zombies. Exploration is relatively straightforward; however, there are times when hordes of undead overrun multi-story buildings you’re occupying. Hordes can be a problem, as fighting the zombies can be risky, and a group of them makes it especially dangerous.

How to Use Sheet Rope in Project Zomboid

However, there’s a way to escape the groups of enemies by making Sheet Rope. This method is useful when you don’t want to fight. It’s even great for leaving buildings quickly. Keep reading to learn about this practical item and why it’s a “must” in your inventory.

Making Sheet Rope

When you’re in a building, you’ll sometimes see beds or clothing. These are potential materials for making Sheet Rope. Here is a list of possible fabric ingredients:

  • Sheet
  • Vest
  • Blouse
  • Sweater
  • Pants
  • Skirt

Each Sheet or any of the other materials will allow you to travel up or down one floor. If your building has three floors, you’ll need two fabric materials to reach the ground or roof, and so on.

In addition, to use the Sheet Rope, you need a Hammer and one Nail. The last two items are used to secure the Sheet Rope to the window you’re exiting. No matter how many floors you’ll traverse, you only need one Hammer and one Nail.

Using Sheet Rope

When you craft Sheet Rope, head to a window in the building that doesn’t have Sheet Rope on it. Interact with the window with right-click to start climbing.

If your character has the “weak” trait, they won’t be able to climb the Sheet Rope. Only characters without this trait can freely move with the rope. Climbing Sheet Rope can be time-consuming, but you’re better alive than not.

A point of confusion is that a two-floor house has strange traits. The ground and top floor are separate, and to traverse both, you need two Sheet Ropes. Such a house will effectively behave like a three-floor house.

Sheet Rope Tips

As Sheet Rope is only usable by players, zombies can’t climb up them. This feature has led to players constructing bases and forts with Sheet Ropes as the entrance and exit. The zombies will have to break down doors and windows before they can get in.

Since zombies like these methods of entry, your Sheet Rope serves as an emergency exit. You can even prevent them from catching up by breaking the stairs with a Sledgehammer. Doing so can make your escape much more manageable.

However, zombies can destroy Sheet Ropes if they notice you using them. As a backup plan, it’s best to have more than one in case one fails.

Also, even if the window is destroyed or closed, the Sheet Rope will remain. Properties with existing Sheet Ropes make viable escape options in various situations.

Time to Bug Out

In a world where survival is key, using every resource can make the difference between life or death. The next time you find material to make rope, don’t pass it by. You’ll never know when you’ll need Sheet Rope, and it’s better than fighting the zombies that don’t stop coming. Getting to save ammunition is also a plus.

Do you use Sheet Rope for your bases? How much have you made in the game thus far? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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