QuakeCon 2021: Fallout Worlds Announced for Fallout 76


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Get to creating in Fallout 76 this September.

It was only recently that the eighth expansion for the MMO Fallout 76 came out called Fallout 76: Steel Reign. However, this panel is already talking about the ninth expansion, Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds.

QuakeCon 2021: Fallout Worlds Announced for Fallout 76

Firstly, an explanation of what Fallout Worlds is. Many players originally believed it was just something that was adding world settings to Fallout 76 however it is much more than that as it tries to add the legacy of customisation to Fallout 76.

This will allow players to make the game their own story. According to Bethesda, this is only the first step to allowing players to create their own worlds and give them even more freedom to customise and create with Fallout 76 similar to other Bethesda titles.

They have managed to achieve this by adding two new modes to this multiplayer post-apocalyptic world, that being Custom Worlds and Public Worlds.

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Public Worlds will be for everyone so that you can experience the ability to make the story their own. Bethesda has taken the abilities they have created and have allowed themselves to go wild with them.

Bethesda has been able to take some of those customisation options and curate it into a world that everyone can experience regardless of if they own Fallout First, this means it’s an adventure with a progression that can actually be experienced by any member of Fallout 76.

These will be rotated allowing players to experience different adventures separate from the world they may have already explored – this at the moment will be rotated every month, this may change depending on community feedback.

Some of the themes that are going to be brought to Fallout 76 through the Public Worlds have already been created, for example, Happy Builder. This allows players to put their camps wherever they wish across the world of 76 with fewer limitations to what they can build.

Meanwhile, Custom Worlds is strictly for Fallout First members and their friends. These players can use all the world customisation available and decide how they want the story in their Fallout game to be told.

There is a lot of settings ranging from how combat works, general settings such as how high you can jump or altering how you and your friends can use workshops. This allows you to cater the world of Fallout to your needs, even if it’s sprinting across the map at the speed of light.

At the moment progression from worlds does not pass over to adventure mode however this might be something they look into in the future, this is just the safest option at the moment.

Bethesda hopes to continue expanding Fallout Worlds post-launch such as improving the flow of private worlds and even adding more settings to the already large range that Fallout First members will have off the bat.

Fallout Worlds will be arriving in Fallout 76 on all platforms this September the 8th, where you can finally make the world of Fallout your own epic adventure.

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