How to Get Void Shards in Raid: Shadow Legends


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Raid: Shadow Legends is perhaps one of the most advertised mobile games of all time, and you’ve probably watched more than a few sponsorships from various YouTube and Twitch creators. This freemium game uses four in-game currencies to unlock more playable characters. Void Shards are among the rarer currencies you can obtain and perform a slightly different function than the rest, making them uniquely lucrative for new players.

How to Get Void Shards in Raid: Shadow Legends

In this article, we’ll show you all the ways to get Void Shards in Raid: Shadow Legends and how to use them best.

Getting Void Shards in Raid: Shadow Legends

As a new player, your options of getting more Void Shards are pretty limited but will improve over time. Void Shards are technically an unlimited resource since most options are repeatable, but they, unfortunately, come in minimal quantities at a time. Here are all the ways to get Void Shards in the game.

New Player Login

For the first three months after making an account, you’ll get a special reward for logging in each day. Days 12, 29, 42, 54, 72, and 81 will award you with a Void Shard each. This is one of the three introductions to Void Shards.

Daily Quests

If you finish all daily quests in a month, you get one Void and one Sacred Shard for your efforts. Since the game heavily awards logging in daily, this might take a bit of effort but is technically repeatable.

The Campaign

The introductory campaign starts relatively simple, and most players don’t have much trouble completing it. Finishing all levels in Normal, Hard, and Brutal mode awards a few Void Shards if you get all three-star results.


If you have a few friends that you introduced to Raid, you get three Void Shards when each referral reaches Level 30. Reaching Level 30 happens relatively quickly, so this is a nifty bonus for inviting more players.

Arbiter Missions and Challenges

These optional missions are great for a new player to get valuable resources and progression, and Void Shards are a part of the entire reward pool. Most tasks are pretty easy to do, even for a new player, making them an excellent way to go after the campaign.

Events and Tournaments

While not all events and tournaments award Void Shards, they do come by from time to time. These are more for the mid-to-late game players, but even a new player might snatch a few lower-level rewards. Some of these events can be done simultaneously, so keep an eye on those to progress faster.

Doom Tower

The Doom Tower is a repeatable source of Void Shards since you can challenge one every month. Completing a floor for the first time yields variable rewards, which can sometimes contain Void Shards. You unlock Doom Towers at Level 40 and need a few more levels under your belt to clear the Normal difficulty.

Clan Bosses and Fights

Getting into a clan is where things get interesting, and it’s usually reserved for higher-leveled players. There are two main ways to earn rewards: bosses and clan vs. clan fights.

When hitting clan bosses, only the Brutal and above bosses have a chance to give Void Shards, making it increasingly necessary to level up and boost your power to get more challenging bosses.

In clan vs. clan fights, your rewards will be based on activity and progress. Develop a good strategy with your guildmates, and you shouldn’t have a problem getting valuable resources in no time.

Tag Team Arena

If you reach Silver 1 in Tag Team Arena (TTA), you can spend 15,000 Gold Bars to get a Void Shard instantly every few weeks during a special offer. While this might sound like a lot, players who battle in the arena often get plenty of resources to spare for shards this way.

Spending Money

If nothing else works, you can always buy some packs from the store and get more Void Shards that way. The game heavily rewards spending cash to push you forward, and Void Shards are just one of the ways to do it.

Don’t Avoid the Void in Raid: Shadow Legends

Void Shards allow you to unlock Void alignment characters more efficiently and should be heavily focused on after Sacred Shards (which have better reward tables). Even F2P players can get a steady stream of shards relatively quickly.

What is your favorite method of getting Void Shards? Let us know in the comment section below.

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