How To Remove Stairs in House Flipper 2


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Is there a way to remove the stairs in House Flipper 2?

How To Remove Stairs in House Flipper 2

Gamers have all kinds of simulators, from driving any kind of vehicle to simulating an actual goat, and developer Empyrean made a hit when they made a house-flipping simulator with House Flipper that came back in 2018.

The sequel, House Flipper 2, was launched in December 2023, and it promises to improve on all the elements that make the original game so great. Essentially, you will take on the role of a rookie house flipper in Pinnacove, and you will have to spend the game going into run-down houses and fixing them up for a profit.

Not only will you be able to clean the houses, but you will also be able to fully reconstruct everything and paint over everything—all in the name of trying to make the property more valuable than when you first arrived.

The first game earned sparkling reviews when it came out and released a decent amount of DLC, but when it comes to the sequel, the reviews didn’t manage to wow everyone as much as the first game did.

One sore spot for some players seems to be the lack of actual freedom to alter a space. Sure, every game is expected to come with some limitations, but House Flipper 2 has a lot of people curious about how the mechanics of the stairs work.

Gameplay still from House Flipper 2

Where are the Stairs?

A good chunk of people online have been asking about removing the stairs in House Flipper 2. This request is simple enough; they want to remove stairs from the game to place them somewhere else in the area or simply delete them from the building.

Though the mechanic wasn’t available in the first game, it was introduced via the Pets DLC, allowing all new mechanics.

With House Flipper 2 allowing players to punch holes into the floor, it could make sense for the game to allow players to adjust a new access point between building floors. Still, players have been having trouble with that mechanic when it comes to this sequel.  

Gameplay still from House Flipper 2

How Can You Remove the Stairs in House Flipper 2?

As it turns out, you can’t remove the stairs on House Flipper 2, and this is indicated when you point the flipper tool at it, and it just has a red X.

The closest thing that players can do when it comes to removing the stairs is that you can just alter them. You can paint them or pick a new material for them, but the game won’t allow it when removing the stairs.

Looking to the Future

But even if you can’t remove the stairs in the game, many players think this could be a feature that could be added down the line. If the first House Flipper could add that mechanic via a DLC, they could likely be doing the same regarding the sequel.

Gameplay still from House Flipper 2

So far, reception for House Flipper 2 has been mostly positive. Still, many complaints have been pointed toward the lack of many features in the game, speculating that the developers could save it down the line for a steady stream of DLC.

Though House Flipper 2 is said to have added a lot of great quality-of-life improvements, complaints have ranged from the lack of variety regarding materials and some missing things that should have been added in the base game rather than some upcoming DLC.

The bottom line is that being able to remove the stairs in a home is the least of the developers’ problems when it comes to improving this game. Fingers crossed that they manage to fix that down the line.

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