Resident Evil Village: Final Boss Fight & Ending


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Woah. What a rollercoaster. If you have reached the end of Resident Evil Village, then there is chance that you get what we’re on about. Spoiler alert, this article will be full of spoilers, so if you haven’t yet completed the last stage or want to avoid spoilers, go to the boss fight guide immediately below. Let’s talk about Resident Evil Village ending and final boss.

Resident Evil Village: Final Boss Fight & Ending

Final Boss Fight & Ending – Resident Evil Village

The final boss in Resident Evil Village is none other than Mother Miranda. At the end, she will do everything in her power to keep Rose in her hands. Shortly after meeting with her, the dark powers will consume here, and she will become, well, potent.

Despite it being the last boss fight of the game, it isn’t as tough as some other bosses though, at least, not in our case. Here is what you need to do in the final boss fight in Resident Evil Village:

  • When she will be in the form where she has weird wings / spider legs sticking out of her back, it is time to back off. The best way to counter the attacks here is to go as far as possible, and shoot when possible.
  • As for weapon choice, we recommend a sniper rifle without a scope. It really packs a punch, and against Miranda, it is needed.
  • Soon, Miranda will start to fly around at the stage. When she summons the fiery balls, shoot them, so that she doesn’t use them to attack you.
  • The second stage of the fight starts when the boss removes all light, and fighting Miranda has to be done in the dark. It will go to normal once you take a few hits.
  • Miranda will then summon pillars, hide behind them. After summoning the pillars she will unleash fire everywhere hoping to take you down.
  • This one is obvious but, avoid and attack. Fire your weapon as much as possible to trigger the cutscene.
  • At the end, she will pin you to the ground, use this moment to fire your weapon, and then unleash hell until Miranda is fully immobilized!

The ending after that is nothing short of legendary. We rather not spoil the ending though. Find out for yourself!

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