Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Riverbank Treasure


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Riverbank Treasure in Resident Evil 8 village is a secret treasure location in the northwest part of the Village. In this guide, we will show how to find it and solve it. You won’t be able to reach it right away right when you unlocked the treasure on the map. It will available later after the Moreau boss area.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Riverbank Treasure

How to Get the Riverbank Treasure – Resident Evil Village

Step 1

First, you will need the Crank key item. This item will get it automatically during the Moreau boss area basically, you will get it from the story progression. After you finish in the Moreau boss area, go back to the Village where is Duke Merchant.

Step 2

After you have everything you need go behind the drawbridge, get in the boat and drive upriver. When you arrive at the riverbank get out, go under the Castle Domitrescu on the right side and enter the dungeon.

Step 3

Entering the dungeon will lead you to the Riverbank Treasure House. There you will find in the middle of the room a burning brazier hanging.

You will need to shoot it so it will swing into the torches that are on the right and left.

Step 4

After you finish with Step 3 two doors will open up. From the right side will spawn Moroaica enemies. Now you will do the same as what you did earlier with the brazier, you will start shooting it so it will swing back to the enemies and setting the enemies on fire.

Then you will need to lure the enemies that are burning at the end of the room to the third torch. You will need to do that because you want to set the third torch on fire and by bringing them close to the torch they will start the fire.

When the fire starts going the last door that is leading to the Treasure of the Riverbank Hose will open. There you will be able to get your item reward (Golden Lady Statue).

 If you want to sell it you can that by selling it to the Duke Merchant for 20,000 Lei.

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